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Best Food on 8 degrees Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from 8 degrees restaurant are Chitterling & Oyster Meesua, Marinated King Oyster Mushroom, Olive Leaf Fried Rice, Iceberg Lettuce with Garlic Sauce, Winter Melon Green Tea, and Green Lime with Sourplum.

8 degrees Menu with Prices

The complete menu of 8 degrees with a price list has eleven categories: 8degrees Stars, 8degrees Lovers, Noodles/Rice/Soup, Vegetable, Others, Milk Tea Series, Green Tea Series, Lemon/honey Series, Dessert Series, Brick Thick Toast, and 8degrees Product.

8degrees Stars

Menu ItemsPrices
Pork Belly RiceS$7.20
Scallion Oil Chicken RiceS$7.20
Chitterling & Oyster MeesuaS$8.40
Oyster MeesuaS$7.20
Chitterling Meesua (intestine)S$7.20
Chicken MeesuaS$7.20
Sesame Cold NoodlesS$8.40
Salted ChickenS$8.40
Fried ChitterlingS$9.80
Fried Chicken CutletS$9.60
Oyster OmeletteS$10.50
Eggroll w/ Pork FlossS$8.40
Scallion PancakeS$6.20
Century Egg Tofu w/ Pork FlossS$6.70

8degrees Lovers

Marinated King Oyster MushroomS$6.70
Marinated CucumberS$4.60
Tang Xin Egg (soft boiled egg)S$2.20
Century EggS$2.20
Garlic Mu ErS$4.60
Seaweed Fried TofuS$6.20
Brinjal w/ Pork FlossS$7.20
Cheese MantouS$5.60
Cheese FriesS$5.90
Fried Squid BallS$5.60
Fried Shiitake MushroomS$9.90

Noodles/ Rice/ Soup

Pork Belly UdonS$10.50
Udon w/ XO Sauce XOS$10.50
Olive Leaf Fried RiceS$8.40
Chicken Cutlet RamenS$11.40
Tomato Egg RamenS$9.10
Mixed Ball Soup (squid & pork)S$7.80


Iceberg Lettuce w/ Garlic SauceS$7.60
Fried A VegetablesS$8.70
Pickled Radish EggS$7.20
Scrambled Eggs w/ PrawnS$10.90


Braised EggS$1.60

Milk Tea Series

Assam Milk TeaS$6.10
Honey Milk TeaS$7.30
Ginger Milk TeaS$7.10

Green Tea Series

Passion Fruit Green TeaS$7.19
Sour Plum Green TeaS$7.19
Winter Melon Green TeaS$7.19
Yuzu Green TeaS$7.19
Honey Green TeaS$6.10
Jasmine Green TeaS$5.15

Lemon/honey Series

Green Lime w/ SourplumS$5.90
Wintermelon w/ LemonS$5.90
Honey YuzuS$6.15
Honey LemonS$5.90
Honey GingerS$5.90

Dessert Series

Grass Jelly w/ YamballS$7.20
Yamball w/ Ginger HotS$7.20
Lemon Aiyu w/ Passion FruitS$5.80

Brick Thick Toast

Thick ToastS$6.70

8degrees Product

Ah Mah Chili SauceS$9.10
Ah Mah Chili OilS$9.10
Creamy Sesame SauceS$9.10
Special Garlic SauceS$9.10

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is 8 degrees Halal?

No, 8 degrees is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What type of food is 8 degrees?

The main cuisine served at 8 degrees outlets is Taiwanese.

What are the 8 degrees menu prices?

The price range of 8 degrees items varies between S$1.60 to S$11.40.

Does 8 degrees offer delivery services?

8 degrees offers food delivery through Deliveroo.com.sg, Foodpanda.sg, and Oddle.me.