Texas Chicken Menu

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Best Food on Texas Chicken Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Texas Chicken restaurant are Tex Supreme Burger, Honey Butter Biscuit, Chicken & Mexicana Burger Starbox, Tex Supreme Burger Meal, and Chicken Sausage Bacon & Egg Fluffy Burger Ala Carte.

Texas Chicken Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Texas Chicken with a price list has nine categories: Breakfast Combo, Breakfast Ala Carte, For Myself, For the Hungry Eaters, For Family & Friends, Classic Sides, Ala Carte, Desserts, and Beverages.

Breakfast Combo

Menu ItemsPrices
Deluxe Breakfast Platter ComboFrom S$16.20
Sunny Breakfast Platter ComboFrom S$13.20
Sunny Pancake w/ Sausage ComboFrom S$12.20
Sunny Pancake w/o Sausage ComboFrom S$11.20
Chicken Sausage Bacon & Egg Fluffy Burger ComboFrom S$12.20
Chicken Ham & Egg Fluffy Burger ComboFrom S$11.20
Chicken Sausage & Egg Muffin ComboFrom S$11.20
Chicken Ham & Egg Muffin ComboFrom S$10.80
Hearty Trio Wrap ComboFrom S$10.20
Chicken Sausage & Egg Wrap ComboFrom S$10.20
Sunny KidsS$10.90

Breakfast Ala Carte

Deluxe Breakfast Platter Ala CarteS$12.90
Sunny Breakfast Platter Ala CarteS$9.90
Sunny Pancake with Sausage Ala CarteS$8.90
Sunny Pancake without Sausage Ala CarteS$7.90
Chicken Sausage Bacon & Egg Fluffy Burger Ala CarteS$8.90
Chicken Ham & Egg Fluffy Burger Ala CarteS$7.90
Chicken Sausage & Egg Muffin Ala CarteS$7.90
Chicken Ham & Egg Muffin Ala CarteS$7.50
Hearty Trio Wrap Ala CarteS$6.90
Chicken Sausage & Egg Wrap Ala CarteS$6.90
Hashbrown Ala CarteS$2.60

For Myself

2 pcs Chicken MealFrom S$12.90
3 pcs Chicken MealFrom S$16.50
Mega Combo 2 pcs ChickenFrom S$18.00
Mexicana Wrap MealFrom S$13.90
Tex Wrap MealFrom S$13.50
Mexicana Burger MealFrom S$12.00
Tex Supreme Burger MealFrom S$11.50
3 pcs Tenders MealFrom S$12.50
6 pcs Nuggets MealFrom S$11.50

For the Hungry Eaters

Chicken & Mexicana Burger StarboxFrom S$16.50
Chicken & Tex Burger StarboxFrom S$15.50
Chicken & Mexicana Wrap StarboxFrom S$18.50
Chicken & Tex Wrap StarboxFrom S$17.90
Chicken & Tenders StarboxFrom S$14.90
Tex Sampler StarboxFrom S$14.90

For Family & Friends

Classic Feast From S$43.90
Fun FeastFrom S$46.90
Cheesy FeastFrom S$49.90
Golden FeastFrom S$51.90
8 pcs Family & Friends ComboFrom S$48.90
12 pcs Family & Friends ComboFrom S$65.90
Super ValueS$155.00

Classic Sides

Honey Butter Biscuit (1 pc)S$2.60
FriesFrom S$4.20
ColeslawFrom S$5.20
FriesFrom S$5.20
Onion RingsFrom S$5.70
Cheese FriesS$7.10
Popcorn ChickenS$6.20

Ala Carte

1 pc ChickenS$5.50
1 pc TenderS$3.30
6 pcs NuggetsS$7.60
Mexicana BurgerS$9.00
Tex Supreme BurgerS$8.50
Mexicana WrapS$10.50
Tex WrapS$10.00


Apple PieS$3.40


Pepsi BlackS$4.00
7 UpS$4.00
Mountain DewS$4.00
MUG Root BeerS$4.00
Lipton Iced Lemon TeaS$4.30
Sjora Mango PeachFrom S$4.80
Sjora Lychee BerryFrom S$4.80
Iced MiloFrom S$4.80
Hot MiloS$3.80
Hot TeaS$3.80
Bottled WaterS$3.90

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Texas Chicken Halal?

Yes, Texas Chicken is a Halal Certified restaurant.

What type of food is Texas Chicken?

The main food served at Texas Chicken is Fast food.

What are the Texas Chicken menu prices?

The price range of Texas Chicken items is from S$2.60 to S$230.00.

Does Texas Chicken offer delivery?

Texas Chicken offers food delivery through GrabFood, Foodpanda.sg, and Deliveroo.com.sg.