Acid Bar Menu

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  • 3 Categories
  • 18 items
  • 5/5

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Best Food on Acid Bar Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Acid Bar restaurant are Beef Shortribs Panggang, Bibi’s Pork Ribs, Hand Cut Kentang, Ayam Merah, Seafood ‘Xian’ Carrot Cake, and Riskshaw Noodles.

Acid Bar Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Acid Bar with a price list has three categories: Festive Menu, Bites, and To Share.

Festive Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Festive Feast for 2S$78.00
Festive Feast for 4S$178.00
Bibi’s Pork Ribs (half rack)S$38.00
Bibi’s Pork Ribs (full rack)S$70.00
Beef Shortribs PanggangS$68.00
Potato PenyetS$9.00


Bibik’s FriesS$16.00
Hand Cut KentangS$14.00
Sambal MushroomS$16.00
Pong TahuS$18.00
Pork LidiS$16.00
Ayam MerahS$16.00

To Share

Seafood ‘Xian’ Carrot CakeS$18.00
Har Jeong Soft Shell CrabS$24.00
Ayam PanggangS$28.00
Fish GorengS$24.00
Riskshaw NoodlesS$16.00
Burbur AsparagusS$18.00