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Best Food on Anjappar Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Anjappar restaurant are Chettinad Mutton Bone Soup, Anjappar Fried Chicken, Mutter Paneer Masala, Tomato Capsicum Uthappam, Pudhina Chicken Tikka, and Country Chicken Biryani.

Anjappar Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Anjappar with a price list has seventeen categories: Soups, Starters, Indian Breads, Vegetarian, Dosa Corner, Tandoori Claypot, Dum Biryani, Set Meals, Rice & Noodles, Fish, Seafood, Chicken, Lamb, Thava Special, Ethnic Delights, Sweets & Snacks, and Fresh Juices.


Menu ItemsPrices
Chettinad Mutton Bone SoupS$8.70
Chettinad Chicken SoupS$7.85
Chettinad Crab SoupS$9.60
Sweet Corn SoupFrom S$7.85
Spicy SoupFrom S$7.65
Clear SoupFrom S$7.30
Milagutuwany SoupFrom S$7.65
Mushroom SoupS$8.70
Tomato SoupS$8.70


Anjappar Fried ChickenFrom S$21.80
Chicken Lolly PopS$ 16.35
Chicken 65S$19.10
Chicken PakodaS$15.80
Fish FingerS$24.00
Fish CutletS$13.10
Fish 65S$20.15
Prawn 65S$26.05
Kaadai 65S$23.45
Onion PakodaS$12.00
Gobi 65S$16.25
Paneer 65S$21.70
Mushroom 65S$15.15
Crispy Fried BindiS$16.25

Indian Breads

Butter NaanS$6.80
Garlic NaanS$7.20
Cheese NaanS$8.50
Stuffed NaanFrom S$9.70
Kashmiri NaanS$9.70
Butter RotiS$6.30
Masala KulchaS$9.70
Aloo KulchaS$9.70
Paneer KulchaS$10.80


Mushroom MasalaS$15.15
Paneer Butter MasalaS$19.50
Mutter Paneer MasalaS$19.50
Aloo Gobi FryS$15.55
Aloo Gobi MasalaS$15.15
Vegetable KurumaS$15.15
Dal Butter FryS$15.15
Bhindi MasalaS$15.15
Kadai VegetableS$17.15
Kadai PaneerS$19.50
Green Peas MasalaS$15.15
Mixed Veg CurryS$15.15
Palak PaneerS$19.50
Paneer KurumaS$19.50
Navaratna KurumaS$19.50
Baby Corn Pepper OnionS$19.50
Gobi ManchurianFrom S$15.15
Mushroom ManchurianFrom S$15.15
Bindi FryS$15.15

Dosa Corner

Kal DosaS$10.00
Plain DosaS$7.80
Special DosaS$9.20
Masala DosaS$9.70
Onion DosaS$9.70
Egg DosaS$9.70
Mutton DosaS$16.25
Chicken DosaS$14.05
Egg Curry UthappamS$16.25
Onion UthappamS$9.70
Egg UthappamS$9.70
Tomato Capsicum UthappamS$11.50
Special Ghee Podi DosaS$11.50
Rava DosaS$9.80
Onion Rava DosaS$10.80

Tandoori Claypot

Tandoori ChickenS$21.80
Chicken TikkaS$23.90
Chicken Garlic KebabS$23.90
Kali Mirchi KebabS$24.55
Pudhina Chicken TikkaS$24.55
Fish TikkaS$24.55

Dum Biryani

Mutton BiryaniS$20.60
Chicken BiryaniS$19.10
Country Chicken BiryaniS$20.60
Fish BiryaniS$20.60
Prawn BiryaniS$20.60
Egg BiryaniS$15.15
Plain BiryaniS$12.55
Vegetable BiryaniS$15.15

Set Meals

Anjappar Regular MealsS$18.00
Anjappar Popular MealsS$21.70
Anjappar Vegetarian MealsS$18.00

Rice & Noodles

Chicken Fried RiceS$19.50
Chicken Fried NoodlesS$19.50
Mutton Fried RiceS$20.60
Mutton Fried NoodlesS$20.60
Prawn Fried RiceS$20.60
Prawn Fried NoodlesS$20.60
Mixed Fried RiceS$22.80
Mixed Fried NoodleS$22.80
Egg Fried RiceS$16.30
Egg Fried NoodlesS$16.30
Spicy Vegetable Fried RiceS$16.30
Spicy Vegetable NoodlesS$16.30
Spicy Chicken Fried RiceS$19.50
Spicy Chicken NoodlesS$19.50
Spicy Egg Fried RiceS$16.30
Spicy Egg NoodlesS$16.30
Vegetable Fried RiceS$16.30
Vegetable Fried NoodlesS$16.30
Vegetable PulaoS$16.30
Cashewnut PulaoS$19.50
Kashmiri PulaoS$19.50
Jeera RiceS$16.30
Steamed Basmathi RiceS$7.50
Plain RiceS$6.00
Ghee RiceS$16.30


Tawa FishS$15.20
Fish CurryS$14.00
Chilli/Ginger/Garlic Fish Dry /GravyFrom S$20.60
Fish ManchurianFrom S$20.60


Prawn FryS$20.60
Prawn MasalaS$20.60
Prawn Egg FryS$21.70
Prawn Pepper OnionS$21.70
Prawn Dry GravyFrom S$21.70
Prawn ManchurianFrom S$21.70


Special Anjappar Chicken Dry/MasalaFrom S$17.30
Pepper Chicken Dry/MasalaFrom S$17.30
Chettinad Chicken Roast/MasalaFrom S$15.20
Pitchi Poota Koli VaruvalS$19.50
Kampung Chicken Roast/MasalaFrom S$18.40
Butter Chicken MasalaS$20.20
Chicken Tikka MasalaS$20.20
Kadai ChickenS$20.20
Chili/Garlic/Ginger Chicken -Dry/GravyFrom S$19.50
Chicken Manchurian-Dry/GravyFrom S$19.50


Mutton Sukka VaruvalS$20.20
Mutton MasalaS$20.20

Thava Special

Ceylon ParottaS$7.60
Ceylon Egg ParottaS$9.30
Chicken Ceylon ParottaS$14.20
Mutton Ceylon ParottaS$16.35
Kothu ParottaFrom S$14.20
Egg Kothu ParottaS$13.00
Veg Kothu ParottaS$12.85

Ethnic Delights

Gulab JamoonS$7.02

Sweets & Snacks

BadushaFrom S$11.00
Tirupati LadduFrom S$11.00
Mysore PakFrom S$11.00
Mixed SweetsFrom S$10.80

Fresh Juices

Fresh Lime JuiceS$6.55
Apple JuiceS$9.05
Watermelon JuiceS$9.05
Orange JuiceS$9.05
Pomegranate JuiceS$11.45
Grape JuiceS$10.35
Pineapple JuiceS$10.35
LassiFrom S$9.25
Mango LassiS$9.25
Butter MilkS$7.10
Special Rose MilkS$9.25
Milk ShakeFrom S$12.55

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Anjappar Halal?

Yes, Anjappar is a halal-certified restaurant.

What type of food is Anjappar?

The main cuisine served at Anjappar outlets is Indian.

What are the Anjappar menu prices?

The price range of Anjappar items varies between S$5.30 to S$26.05.

Does Anjappar offer delivery services?

Anjappar offers food delivery through, GrabFood, and