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Best Items on Apollo Coffee Bar Singapore Menu

The most popular items from Apollo Coffee Bar restaurant are Earl Grey Vanilla Teacake, Almond Crossaint, Happy Happy Soy Boy, Organic Sunny Eggs , Burnt Brussels Sprouts, and Lemon Curd & Hot Cakes

Apollo Coffee Bar Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Apollo Coffee Bar with a price list has fifteen categories: Cakes, Junboocha, Breads And Pastries, Retail, Extras, Munchies, Brunch, Large Plates, Waffles, Espresso Coffee Black, Espresso Coffee White, Espresso Coffee Iced, The Apollo Specials, Chocolate, and Teas.


Menu ItemsPrices
Chocolate Mousse CakeS$9.20
Lemon Olive CakeS$8.10
S’mores Brownie PieS$8.10
Earl Grey Vanilla TeacakeS$8.10
Blueberry TartS$8.10


Number 1S$9.60

Breads And Pastries

Pain Au ChocolatS$5.50
Butter CrossaintS$4.90
Almond CrossaintS$6.00
Almond CroissantS$6.00


Ethiopia (200g)S$ 21.40
Mr Brightside (250g)S$ 19.30
Mr Cuddles (250g)S$ 19.30
Colombia (200g)S$ 21.40
Happy Happy Soy Boy (1L)S$ 7.60
Otis Oat Milk (1L)S$ 7.50
Mr Brightside (250g)S$ 19.50
Mr Cuddles (250g)S$ 19.50
Ethiopia (200g)S$ 21.60


Organic Sunny Eggs (2 pcs)S$3.90
Scrambled EggsS$4.90
Italian SausagesS$3.90
Back- BaconS$4.80
Spicy ChorizoS$5.80


Shoestring FriesS$10.10
Truffle FriesS$13.50
Curly FriesS$14.60
Burnt Brussels SproutsS$14.60
Honey TatertotsS$14.50
Honey TatertotsS$14.60


Granola, Pears & YoghurtFrom S$14.60
The Super NuttyFrom S$16.10
Lemon Curd & Hot CakesFrom S$16.00
Breakfast BurgerFrom S$18.70
Nori, Avo & EggsFrom S$20.00
Honey Prench ToastFrom S$21.10
Wurst RostiFrom S$25.10
Pork & Pear TartineS$21.10
The French Toast StandardS$20.00
Chorizo Eggs & AvoS$21.60

Large Plates

Salmon Soba BowlFrom S$22.60
Wagyu Cheese BurgerFrom S$21.60
Tiger BurgerFrom S$24.80
Miso Mushroom Bacon RisottoFrom S$23.70
Chorizo & Squid RisottoFrom S$23.70
Cereal Prawn PastaFrom S$22.60
Plant Based BologneseFrom S$22.10
Mushroom Bacon CarbonaraFrom S$22.20


Plain WaffleS$11.30
Salted Caramel WaffleS$13.50
Candied Bacon WaffleS$15.60

Espresso Coffee Black

Espresso MacchiatoFrom S$4.90
Long BlackFrom S$5.30
Long MacchiatoFrom S$5.30
AffogatoFrom S$7.60

Espresso Coffee White

PiccoloFrom S$5.10
CortadoFrom S$5.10
MagicFrom S$5.70
Flat WhiteFrom S$5.70
LatteFrom S$5.70
CappuccinoFrom S$5.70
MochaFrom S$7.70
VanillaFrom S$8.00
HazelnutFrom S$8.00
ToffeenutFrom S$8.00

Espresso Coffee Iced

Iced Long BlackFrom S$5.90
Iced Carbon BlackFrom S$6.90
Iced LatteFrom S$6.90
Iced MochaFrom S$7.90
Iced VanillaFrom S$8.10
Iced HazelnutFrom S$8.10
Iced ToffeenutFrom S$8.10

The Apollo Specials

The CosmosS$7.80
The Milky WayS$7.80
Oat Yeah!S$7.80


ChocolateFrom S$8.10
Peppermint ChocolateFrom S$8.10


Matcha LatteFrom S$8.00
Chai LatteFrom S$8.10
Iced Tea With MilkstacheS$8.10
Tea by the PotS$8.10
Premium Cold Brew TeaFrom S$9.10

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.