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Best Food on Atlas Coffeehouse Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Atlas Coffeehouse Cafe are Mushroom Confit with Poached Eggs, Nerano & Crispy Mushrooms, Buttered Broccoli Bowl, Espresso Macchiato, Iced Carbon Black, and Ethiopia – Haru Suke.

Atlas Coffeehouse Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Atlas Coffeehouse with a price list has thirteen categories: Brunch, Till Late, Sides, Black Coffee, White Coffee, Iced Coffee, Filter Coffee, Bottled Brews, Teas, Chocolate, Cold Foam, House Sodas, and Slow Pressed Juice.


Menu ItemsPrices
Banana BreadS$12.60
Chia Pudding & YogurtS$14.00
Super NuttyS$14.00
Hotcakes & Passionfruit CurdS$15.00
The Gentleman’s RelishS$16.80
Chorizo, Eggs & AvoS$19.50
French Toast w/ Many BerriesS$20.00
Babka Chocolate French ToastS$22.20
Monday’s Breakfast SandwichS$19.50
Mushroom Confit w/ Poached EggsS$21.00
Scrambled White & GreensS$22.00
Wurst RostiS$23.00
Buttermilk WafflesS$10.50
Brunch ExtrasS$0.00

Till Late

Fried Chicken SandwichS$19.50
Steak SandwichS$22.20
Aglio Olio (pasta)S$17.70
Nerano & Crispy MushroomsS$21.00
Pork AmatricianaS$20.40
Cereal Prawn (pasta)S$21.00
Mushroom Bacon CarbonaraS$21.00
Caesar SaladS$21.40
Bacon KedgereeS$22.00
Habibi’s Big BrunchS$23.00
Salmon Soba BowlS$21.00
Atlas Chicken & BiscuitsS$24.00
Butter MadeleinesS$11.40
Sticky Date PuddingS$13.90


Burnt Brussel SproutsS$13.00
Buttered Broccoli BowlS$13.00
Spicy Hot Wings (8 pcs)S$14.10
Shoestring FriesS$9.90
Truffle FriesS$13.30
Honeybutter Tater TotsS$14.3

Black Coffee

Espresso (dbl shot)S$4.60
Espresso MacchiatoS$4.60
Long BlackS$5.00
Long MacchiatoS$5.00

White Coffee

Piccolo (5oz – single shot)S$4.80
Cortado (5oz – dbl shot)S$4.80
Magic (5oz – dbl ristretto)S$5.30
Flat WhiteS$5.30

Iced Coffee

Iced Long BlackS$5.50
Iced Carbon BlackS$6.40
Iced LatteS$6.40
Iced CappuccinoS$6.40
Iced MochaS$7.40

Filter Coffee

Ethiopia – Muje MesinaS$7.50
Ethiopia – Haru SukeS$7.50
Nicaragua – Finca San AntonioS$8.10
Kenya – Kirimahiga AAS$8.10
Rwanda – Epiphanie MukashyakaS$7.50
Ou YangS$8.10
Papua New GuineaS$8.10

Bottled Brews

The CosmosS$7.30
The Milky WayS$7.30
Oat Yeah!~S$7.30


Matcha LatteS$7.50
Chai LatteS$7.50
Tea by the PotS$8.00
Premium Cold Brew Teas (480ml)S$8.10



Cold Foam

Iced Tea w/ Milk-StacheS$7.50
Coconut Water w/ Milk-StacheS$8.00

House Sodas


Slow Pressed Juice

Slow Pressed JuiceS$8.00

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Atlas Coffeehouse Halal?

No, Atlas Coffeehouse is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What are the Atlas Coffeehouse menu prices?

The price range of Atlas Coffeehouse items varies between S$4.60 to S$25.00.

Does Atlas Coffeehouse offer delivery services?

Atlas Coffeehouse offers food delivery through its official website and GrabFood.