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Best Food on Blu Kouzina Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Blu Kouzina restaurant are Watermelon Salad, Stuffed Red Pepper, Lamb Soutzoukakia, Kotopoulo Stifatho, Grilled Calamari, Roasted Lemon Potatoes, and Beef Pastitsio.

Blu Kouzina Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Blu Kouzina with a price list has nineteen categories: Salads/Salata, Cold Mezes, Hot Mezes, Beef Dishes | Kreatika, Chicken Dishes | Kotopoulo, Desserts | Glyko, Seafood | Thalassina, Meal Platter, Oven Baked Meal, Side Dishes, Blu’s Homemade Dips, Kebab Platter, Lamb | Arni, Vegetarian – Mains, Red Wine, White Wine, Rose Wine, Beverages, and Beer.


Menu ItemsPrices
Half Greek Salad | HoriatikiS$19.24
Greek Salad | HoriatikiS$34.26
Half 3 Bean Salad | FasolasalataS$18.20
3 Bean Salad | FasolosalataS$33.13
Santorini SaladS$35.38
Earth SaladS$33.13
Artichoke SaladS$33.13
Watermelon SaladS$24.15
Crete Salad | Dakos SaladS$30.89
Kale Wonderland SaladS$33.13
Blu SaladS$33.13
Cauliflower SaladS$34.26

Cold Mezes

Stuffed Vine Leaves | Dolmades (4 pcs)S$19.66
Stuffed Vine Leaves | Dolmades (8 pcs)S$34.26
Greek OlivesS$11.56
Stuffed Red Pepper (8 pcs)S$20.78
Cucumber SticksS$10.67
Carrot SticksS$10.67

Hot Mezes

Baked Spinach Pie | Spanakopita (2 pcs)S$23.03
Meatballs | Keftedes (4 pcs)S$18.53
Meatballs | Keftedes (8 pcs)S$27.52
Lamb Meatballs (4 pcs)S$18.53
Lamb Meatballs (8 pcs)S$27.52
Chicken Meatballs (4 pcs)S$18.53
Chicken Meatballs (8 pcs)S$27.52
Beef SoutzoukakiaS$19.66
Lamb SoutzoukakiaS$20.78
Imam BaldiS$21.90
Zucchini Patties | KolokithokeftedesS$24.15
Fried ArtichokesS$21.90
Corn CobS$20.78
Fried CalamariS$29.76
Feta SaganakiS$24.15
Krassato Chicken LiverS$21.90
Egg KapamaS$20.59
Egg StrapatsadaS$22.88

Beef Dishes | Kreatika

Beef Wrap | Souvlaki Me PitaS$29.75
Filet MignonS$67.95
Blu Kouzina Cheese Burger | Bifteki Me Tiri Stin SharaS$33.13
Beef KalamakiS$30.89
Beef Kebab (3 pcs)S$43.24
Small Beef Skewer (1 per piece)S$15.23

Chicken Dishes | Kotopoulo

Grilled Chicken Wrap | Kotopoulo GiroS$36.50
Small Chicken Skewer (1 per piece)S$11.68
Roast Lemon Chicken | Kotopoulo Sto FournoS$44.37
Kotopoulo StifathoS$44.37
Chicken Skewer | Kotopoulo KalamakiS$34.03
Chicken Kebab (3 pcs)S$46.61

Desserts | Glyko

Bougatsa (4 pcs)S$18.87
Baklava (4 pcs)S$17.75
Greek Kataifi Roll (4 pcs)S$17.75
Orange Cake | PortokalopitaS$14.38

Seafood | Thalassina

Jumbo Prawn (1 per piece)S$21.76
Grilled CalamariS$42.12
Grilled Octopus | XtapodiS$46.61
Prawn MantraS$34.26
Octopus FritesS$32.01

Meal Platter

Meat Platter (Small)S$89.29
Meat Platter (Medium)S$156.69

Oven Baked Meal

Beef MousakaS$37.63
Beef PastitsioS$37.63
Vegetarian MousakaS$35.38
Lamb MousakaS$37.63

Side Dishes

Roasted Lemon PotatoesS$16.29
Grilled VegetablesS$16.29
French Fries | Patates TiganitesS$15.16
Sweet Potato FriesS$15.16

Blu’s Homemade Dips

Pita BreadS$5.17
Wholegrain KoulouriS$5.17
Yogurt Dip | TzatzikiS$20.78
Spicy Cheese Dip | TirokafteriS$20.78
Eggplant Dip | MelitzanosalataS$20.78
3 Bean Dip | Tria FasoliaS$20.78
Yellow Lentil Dip FavaS$20.78
Cod Roe Dip | TaramosalataS$20.78
Hummus DipS$20.78
Harissa DipS$20.78
Red Pepper DipS$20.78
Garlic Dip | SkordaliaS$20.78
Olive DipS$20.78
Labna DipS$20.78

Kebab Platter

Kebab Platter (Small)S$44.37
Kebab Platter (Medium)S$78.06

Lamb | Arni

Lamb Chops | Paidakia Stin Shara (3 pcs)S$53.35
Lamb Chops | Paidakia Stin Shara (4 pcs)S$66.83
Lamb Shank | KleftikoS$56.72

Vegetarian – Mains

Greek Cheese Wrap | Talagani WrapS$29.76
Vegetarian Wrap | Lahaniko GiroS$24.51
Gemista (3 pcs)S$35.38
Spinach Rice | SpanakorizoS$26.40

Red Wine

Avantis Estate Agios Chronos Holy Time – Syrah, Viognier (750ml)S$75.92
Avantis Black MavkoudouraS$65.52
Avantis Estate Collection Grand Cru – SyrahS$32.05
Avantis Estate – SyrahS$55.12
Gaia Nemea RedS$75.92
Gerovassiliou AvatonS$65.52
Sigalas MM Mandillaries – Mavrotragano, MandilariaS$65.52
Skouras Grande CuveeS$62.40
Skouras Mega OenosS$67.60
Skouras St GeorgeS$57.20
Skouras SynoroS$62.40
Tselepos AvletopiS$67.60
Tselepos DilofosS$62.40
Tselepos Driopi Nemea ClassicS$55.12
Tselepos Driopi ReserveS$75.92
Tselepos KokkinomilosS$83.20

White Wine

Avantis Estate MalagouziaS$65.52
Avantis Santorini DolphinS$86.52
Diamantakos Dry WhiteS$57.20
Gaia ThalassitisS$65.52
Gerovassiliou ChardonnayS$55.12
Gerovassiliou MalagousiaS$55.12
Sigalas AidaniS$117.52
Sigalas Barrel WhiteS$107.12
Sigalas SantoriniS$107.12
Skouras ArmyraS$57.20
Skouras AssyrtikoS$57.20
Skouras Georges MoschofileroS$57.20
Skouras SaltoS$62.40
Skouras Sauvignon BlancS$62.40
Tselepos Mantinia 2019S$57.20
Tselepos MarmariasS$57.20
Tselepos MelissopetraS$67.60
Tselepos SantoriniS$83.20

Rose Wine

Gaia 4-6H RoseS$55.12
Gerovassiliou RoseS$55.12
Sigalas EANS$65.52
Skouras PeploS$57.20
Tselepos Gris de NuitS$62.40


Epsa OrangeadeS$5.80
Epsa Lemon SodaS$5.80
Epsa Sour CherryS$5.80
3 Cents Tonic WaterS$5.55
3 Cents Soda (2 Cents Plain)S$5.55
3 Cents Cherry SodaS$5.55
3 Cents Aegean TonicS$5.55
Mineral Still Water (1L)S$14.00
Mineral Sparkling Water (1L)S$14.00


Mythos Lager (330ml)S$11.45
Fix Dark Lager (330ml)S$11.45
Fix Lager (330ml)S$11.45

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