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Best Food on Bornga Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Bornga restaurant are Chadol Doenjang Jjigae Soup, Mansinchang Samgyeopsal Soy, Stir-Fried Rice Cake, Pork Gochujang BBQ Dosirak, Yangnyeom So Galbisal, and Galbi Tang Soup.

Bornga Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Bornga Korean BBQ with a price list has eight categories: Set Meal Promotion, Special HMR, Soup, BBQ, Traditional Dish, Dosirak, Side Dish, and Drinks.

Set Meal Promotion

Menu ItemsPrices
Meal Promo SetS$49.90
Meal Promo Set 1S$45.90
Meal Promo Set 3S$70.90
Meal Promo Set 4S$85.90

Special HMR

Army StewFrom S$42.00
Bornga BulgogiFrom S$45.00
Bornga SetS$108.00


Chadol Doenjang JjigaeFrom S$17.90
Ginseng Chicken SoupFrom S$26.00
Suntofu JjigaeFrom S$18.90
Galbi TangFrom S$19.90
Kimchi JjigaeFrom S$16.90


Pork Gochujang BBQS$18.90
Kkot SalFrom S$38.00
Yangnyeom Kkot SalFrom S$39.00
BBQ Hangjeong SalFrom S$28.00
Beef Galbi SalFrom S$32.00
Mansinchang SamgyeopsalFrom S$26.00
Mansinchang Samgyeopsal SoyFrom S$26.00
Saeu GuiFrom S$32.00
Grilled Chicken (soy)From S$23.00
Grilled Chicken (spicy)From S$23.00
Yangnyeom So GalbisalFrom S$33.00
BBQ Beef TongueFrom S$32.00

Traditional Dish

Stir-Fried SquidS$17.90
Stir-Fried Rice CakeFrom S$15.90
Jap ChaeFrom S$16.90
Chicken Soy BBQFrom S$17.90


DosirakFrom S$5.90
Bibim RiceFrom S$9.90
Pork Gochujang BBQ DosirakFrom S$12.90
Sutbul Dakgalbi DosirakFrom S$16.90
Samgyeopsal DosirakFrom S$18.90
Woosamgyup DosirakFrom S$20.90
Ojingeo Bbokem DosirakFrom S$12.90

Side Dish

Steamed EggsFrom S$9.90


Coke LightS$3.00
Fanta OrangeS$3.00
Fanta GrapeS$3.00
Lotte Green GrapeS$3.50
Lotte OrangeS$3.50
Lotte PearS$3.50
Paldo SikhyeS$3.50

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Bornga Halal?

No, Bornga is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What type of food is Bornga?

The main cuisine served at Bornga outlets is Korean.

What are the Bornga menu prices?

The price range of Bornga items varies between S$3.00 to S$108.00.

Does Bornga offer delivery services?

Bornga offers food delivery through and GrabFood.