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Best Items on BreadTalk Singapore Menu

The most popular items from the BreadTalk shop are Sausage Standard Bun, Ham & Cheese Bun, Butter Sugar Loaf, Original Cheese Steam Cake, Softie Wholemeal Toast, Softie White Toast, and Honey Marble Cake.

Sarnies Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Sarnies with a price list has six categories: Bundles, Drinks, Buns, Tea Cakes, Toast, and Spreads & Condiments.


Menu ItemsPrices
2 Pkts Hokkaido Milk SetS$4.80


Hokkaido Milk Strawberry (200ml)S$2.60
Hokkaido Fresh Milk (200ml)S$2.60
Milk Tea (370ml)S$3.30


Kaya MarbleS$3.00
Curry NaanS$2.00
Sausage Standard BunFrom S$2.00
Ham & Cheese BunFrom S$2.20
Butter Sugar LoafS$2.00

Tea Cakes

Honey Marble CakeFrom S$1.90
Marble Steam CakeFrom S$1.90
Original Cheese Steam CakeFrom S$2.20
Fire MomojiS$2.80


White Toast (8 pcs)From S$2.80
Wholemeal Toast (8 pcs)From S$3.30
California Toast (8 pcs)From S$4.30
Softie White Toast (7 pcs)From S$2.90
Softie Wholemeal Toast (7 pcs)From S$3.30
Marble Chocolate ToastS$6.00

Spreads & Condiments

Peanut Butter (250g)S$5.90
Assorted KayaS$3.40

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.