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Best Food on Butter Bean Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Butter Bean shop are Curry on Sunshine, Basic Ham Cheese Sandwich, BButter Milk Chick, BB’s Croissant Set, 2 Savoury Croissants, and BBrulee Kopi Latte.

Butter Bean Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Butter Bean with a price list has sixteen categories: Traditional Toasts, Butter Together This Festive Season, Croissants, Bundle Deals, Toast Sets, Sandwich Sets, Main Sets, Toasts, Sandwiches, Mains, Buns, Cakes, Coffee, Tea, Beverages, and Merchandise.

Traditional Toasts

Menu ItemsPrices
Traditional Kaya Butter ToastS$2.64
Traditional Peanut Butter ToastS$2.64
Traditional Butter Sugar ToastS$2.64
2 Traditional Toasts + 2 Large DrinksS$13.60

Butter Together This Festive Season

Sharing Bundle AS$29.80
Sharing Bundle BS$24.70


BB’s Croissant SetFrom S$10.30
2 Savoury CroissantsS$11.90
2 Sweet CroissantsS$8.30
Butter 2-Gether Croissant BoxS$19.20
Happiness Croissant BoxS$16.20

Bundle Deals

Any 2 Sandwiches, 2 Buns & 2 Specialty BeveragesS$26.46
Any Sandwich, Omu Cheese, 2 Buns & 2 Specialty BeveragesS$25.83

Toast Sets

PB & J Toast SetFrom S$9.50
Say Cheese Toast SetFrom S$9.50
Cheeky Choco Toast SetFrom S$9.50
BB’s Kaya Toast SetFrom S$8.60
Milky Milo Toast SetFrom S$8.60
BButter Sugar Toast SetFrom S$8.30
Omu Cheese Toast SetFrom S$11.30

Sandwich Sets

Set A. B.F.F Sandwich SetFrom S$11.00
Set C. Basic Ham Cheese Sandwich SetFrom S$10.40

Main Sets

Set C. Laksa Love & BB Kaya ToastFrom S$16.90
Set B. Curry On Sunshine & BB Kaya ToastFrom S$16.90
Set D. Hey You Hae Mee & BB Kaya ToastFrom S$16.90
BFF Mee Rebus SetFrom S$18.00
BButter Milk Chick Set w/ Large DrinkS$13.40


PB & J ToastS$4.10
Say Cheese ToastS$4.10
Cheeky Choco ToastS$4.10
BB’s Kaya ToastS$3.20
Milky Milo ToastS$3.20
BButter Sugar ToastS$2.90
Omu Cheese ToastS$5.90


B.F.F Battered Fish Fillet SandwichS$6.60
Basic Ham Cheese SandwichS$6.00


Curry on SunshineS$9.60
Laksa LoveS$9.60
Hey You Hae MeeS$9.60
BFF Mee RebusS$9.80
BButter Milk ChickS$8.90


BButter Roll Toast (whole loaf)S$6.30
PB RollS$2.30
Kopi Oh!S$2.30
Curry BallS$2.30


G.M Pandan ChiffonS$4.20
Nuts Over Banana (slice)S$4.20
Pandan ChiffonS$20.20
Nuts Over Banana (whole)S$30.00


BBrulee Kopi LatteFrom S$4.60
Iced Kopi LatteFrom S$4.00
Iced AmericanoFrom S$3.60
Kopi OFrom S$2.90
Kopi CFrom S$3.20
KopiFrom S$3.20
Hot BButter Kopi OFrom S$3.30


Iced Teh LatteFrom S$4.00
Teh OFrom S$2.90
Teh CFrom S$3.20
TehFrom S$3.20


BB RoseFrom S$5.10
Lime AiyuFrom S$5.10
Orange Lychee TeaFrom S$5.10
Lemon Lime TwistFrom S$4.00
Dino MiloFrom S$4.60
Football MiloFrom S$3.60


Nanyang Coffee PowderS$10.80
BButter Bean Tote BagS$8.20

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Butter Bean Halal?

Yes, Butter Bean is a Halal Certified.

What type of food is Butter Bean?

The main food served at Butter Bean is Sandwich.

What are the Butter Bean menu prices?

The price range of Butter Bean items is from S$2.30 to S$30.00.

Does Butter Bean offer delivery?

Butter Bean offers food delivery through GrabFood, Foodpanda.sg, and Deliveroo.com.sg.