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Best Food on Cafe De Muse Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Cafe De Muse restaurant are Portobello Mushroom Burger, Passion Mango Coconut, Muse Signature Breakfast, Pasta Al Pomodoro, Smoked Salmon & Avocado Sandwich, and Lemon Chicken & Almond Salad.

Cafe De Muse Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Cafe De Muse with a price list has twenty three categories: Burger, Home-Baked Sliced Cake, Mains, Pastas, Sandwiches, Salads, Soups, Mini Pizza, Small Bites, Homemade Desserts, Specialty Coffee Beans, Classic Coffee, Specialty Tea, Herbal, Pure, Non-Coffee Classic Beverages, Signatures (beverages), Ade, Smoothies, Freshly Squeezed Juices, Soft Beverages, Sparkling / Mineral Water, and Beer.


Menu ItemsPrices
Portobello Mushroom BurgerS$27.30
Chicken BurgerS$28.60

Home-Baked Sliced Cake

Red Velvet CakeS$13.00
Black ForestS$13.00
Royal Chocolate CakeS$13.00
Lemon Meringue TartS$13.00
New York Cheese CakeS$13.00
Matcha Pistachio OperaS$13.00
Passion Mango CoconutS$13.00
Pecan TartS$13.00


French ToastS$23.40
Steak & EggsS$36.40
Kimchi Fried RiceS$27.30
Muse Signature BreakfastS$33.80
Kingdom Tteok-BokkiFrom S$26.00
Duck ConfitFrom S$30.00
Fish & ChipsFrom S$28.60
Grilled SalmonFrom S$36.40
Rib-Eye SteakFrom S$44.20
Teriyaki Grilled SalmonS$36.40


Pasta Al PomodoroFrom S$24.70
Prawn Aglio E OlioFrom S$28.60
Bulgogi PastaFrom S$29.90


Eggs & TomatoFrom S$20.80
Tuna & HerbsFrom S$20.00
Ham & CheeseFrom S$20.80
Smoked Salmon & AvocadoFrom S$21.25


Classic Caesar SaladS$18.75
Lemon Chicken & AlmondS$18.75
Beef & ChimichurriS$21.25


Soup Of The DayS$9.38

Mini Pizza

Margherita Mini PizzaS$13.00
Bonito Katsuobushi Mini PizzaS$15.60
Hawaiian Mini PizzaS$13.00
Mushroom Paradise Mini PizzaS$13.00
Spicy Beef & JalapenoS$15.60

Small Bites

Truffle FriesS$12.35
Sweet Potato FriesS$15.60
QuesadillaFrom S$13.75
Korean Chicken SkewersS$16.90
Nacho BeefS$16.90

Homemade Desserts

Caramelise Banana WaffleS$23.40
Cinnamon ChurrosS$16.90
Chocolate WaffleS$23.40

Specialty Coffee Beans

Kenya Top AA Coffee BeanS$22.60
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe G1 Misty Valley Coffee BeanS$22.60

Classic Coffee

Espresso MacchiatoS$7.80
AmericanoFrom S$7.80
Flat WhiteS$8.45
LatteFrom S$8.45
Caramel MacchiatoFrom S$9.10
Café MochaFrom S$9.10
Long BlackFrom S$7.80
CappuccinoFrom S$9.75
Vanilla LatteFrom S$10.40
Hazelnut LatteFrom S$9.10

Specialty Tea

Almond DelightFrom S$13.00
Cherry BlossomFrom S$13.00
NightingaleFrom S$13.00
Royal MandarinFrom S$13.00
Exotic TropicalFrom S$13.00
Tropical BreezeFrom S$13.00
Strawberry OrchardFrom S$13.00
Paradise GreenFrom S$13.00
Sapporo SpringFrom S$13.00
Rose GardenFrom S$13.00
Muse SpecialFrom S$13.00
Moroccan MintFrom S$13.00


Muse HerbalFrom S$14.30
Sweet Berry HerbalFrom S$14.30
Lemon GingerFrom S$14.30
Rose CamomileFrom S$14.30
Heavenly SpringFrom S$14.30
Merry BerriesFrom S$14.30
Calming HerbalFrom S$14.30
MintFrom S$14.30


Green TeaFrom S$13.00
Earl GreyFrom S$13.00
English Breakfast TeaFrom S$13.00
YujaFrom S$13.00
Honey LemonFrom S$13.00

Non-Coffee Classic Beverages

MilkFrom S$7.80
Soy MilkFrom S$9.10
ChocolateFrom S$9.10
MatchaFrom S$9.10
Sweet Potato LatteFrom S$8.75
Strawberry LatteS$13.75

Signatures (beverages)

Au Lait GlacéFrom S$15.70
Irish Coffee (contain alcohol)S$20.80
Red OrchardS$19.50


Lemon AdeS$ 10.40
Strawberry AdeS$10.40
Pomegranate AdeS$10.40
Green Apple AdeS$10.40


Avocado BananaS$14.30
Avocado YogurtS$15.60
Berry BlastS$13.00

Freshly Squeezed Juices


Soft Beverages


Sparkling / Mineral Water



Tiger BeerS$17.15
Heineken BeerS$18.55

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Cafe De Muse Halal?

No, Cafe De Muse is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What are the Cafe De Muse menu prices?

The price range of Cafe De Muse items varies between S$4.00 to S$44.20.

Does Cafe De Muse offer delivery services?

Cafe De Muse offers food delivery through GrabFood and