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Best Items on Cat & the Fiddle Singapore Menu

The most popular items from Cat & the Fiddle shop are The Modern Duke’s Pudding, Once in The Blue Moon, The Emperor’s Romance, King Cat of The Mountain, and Sweet & Smokey Taffy.

Cat & the Fiddle Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Cat & the Fiddle with a price list has three categories: Fickle, Slice Cheesecakes, and Whole Cheesecakes.


Menu ItemsPrices
Fickle FelineS$65.90
Fickle Feline 2.0S$65.90

Slice Cheesecakes

Maneki NekoS$8.90
The Modern Duke’s PuddingS$6.90
Over The MoonS$6.90
Queen of HeartsS$6.90
Paws of FuryS$7.90
Sweet & Smokey TaffyS$6.90
Sicilian Wild CatsS$7.90
King Cat of The MountainS$8.90
Milo DinosaurS$7.90
Red Riding HoodS$8.90
Once in The Blue MoonS$7.90
Apple of My EyeS$7.90
Naughty & NiceS$7.90
Madam RoselleS$7.90
Jiggly FluffS$7.90
Charred EclipseS$6.90
Gula Me GustaS$7.90
Musang FuryS$8.90
Mamba JambaS$7.90
The Russian WhiskersS$7.90
The Emperor’s RomanceS$7.90
SKIPPY Peanut Butter Jelly – SliceS$8.90

Whole Cheesecakes

Maneki Neko Whole CheesecakeS$65.90
Over The Moon Whole CheesecakeS$52.90
Queen of Hearts Whole CheesecakeS$55.90
Paws of Fury Whole CheesecakeS$59.90
Sweet & Smokey Taffy Whole CheesecakeS$55.90
Sicilian Wild Cats Whole CheesecakeS$59.90
King Cat of The Mountain Whole CheesecakeS$65.90
Milo Dinosaur Whole CheesecakeS$55.90
Once in The Blue Moon Whole CheesecakeS$59.90
Naughty & Nice Whole CheesecakeS$55.90
Madam Roselle Whole CheesecakeS$59.90
Jiggly Fluff Whole CheesecakeS$59.90
Charred Eclipse Whole CheesecakeS$62.90
Gula Me Gusta Whole CheesecakeS$59.90
Musang Fury Whole CheesecakeS$79.90
Mamba Jamba Whole CheesecakeS$62.90
The Russian Whiskers Whole CheesecakeS$59.90
The Emperor’s Romance Whole CheesecakeS$62.90
SKIPPY Peanut Butter Jelly – WholeS$65.90

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Cat & the Fiddle Halal?

No, Cat & the Fiddle is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What type of food is Cat & the Fiddle?

The main food served at Cat & the Fiddle outlets is Fast food.

What are the Cat & the Fiddle menu prices?

The price range of Cat & the Fiddle items varies between S$2.30 to S$16.65.

Does Cat & the Fiddle offer delivery services?

Cat & the Fiddle offers food delivery through GrabFood,, and