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Best Items on Chef Yamashita Singapore Menu

The most popular items from Chef Yamashita shop are Kuri Mille Feuille, Wedding Anniversary topper, Ichigo Soufflé, Kome Kome Ring Salted Caramel, Walnut Cookies, Choco Madeleine, and CY Gift box.

Chef Yamashita Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Chef Yamashita with a price list has twelve categories: CY Souffle, Whole Cakes, Topper, Sliced Cakes, Kome Kome Ring, Special Candles, Cookies, Tea Cakes, Special Gift Box, Recipe Book, Flowers, and Birthday Knife.

CY Souffle

Menu ItemsPrices
CY Souffle OriginalS$20.00

Whole Cakes

Lychee StrawberryFrom S$43.00
Mango Short CakeFrom S$47.00
Ichigo Deco (Round Version)From S$35.00
IchigoFrom S$110.00
Choco RengaFrom S$46.00
Ichigo SouffléFrom S$55.00
Mille FeuilleFrom S$46.00
Kuri Mille FeuilleFrom S$46.00
Mont BlancFrom S$46.00


Recyclable Plastic PlatesS$7.80
Birthday topper Flower (diamond shape)S$5.00
Wreath Topper (green)S$5.00
Birthday Topper (black)S$5.00
Birthday topper (gold)S$5.00
Wedding Anniversary topperS$5.00
Shou “寿” TopperS$5.00
My King TopperS$4.00
Happy Wedding TopperS$6.00

Sliced Cakes

Mille FeuilleS$8.20
Choco RengaS$8.20
Ichigo SouffléS$8.20

Kome Kome Ring

Kome Kome Ring CoconutS$3.80
Kome Kome Ring StrawberryS$3.80
Kome Kome Ring Salted CaramelS$3.80
Kome Kome Ring OriginalS$3.80
Kome Kome Ring ChocolateS$3.80
Kome Kome Ring CinnamonS$3.80

Special Candles

Sparkling candlesS$5.20
Number Candle (RED)From S$3.20
Number Candle (BLUE)From S$3.20
Lollipop CandlesS$6.50
Balloon CandlesS$6.50
Beer CandlesS$9.50
Police BikeS$5.00
Happy Birthday Candles (Colour)S$6.20
Happy Wedding CandlesS$6.20
Wedding CandlesS$6.20
Champagne CandleS$5.50
Hello Kitty Candle (Together)S$6.50
Big Free CandleS$0.00
Small free candleS$0.00
Frozen CandlesS$6.50
Tsum Tsum CandlesS$6.50
Long Candles (Gold)S$4.00


Almond CookieS$7.20
Coffee CookieS$7.20
Walnut CookiesS$7.20
Vanilla CookiesS$7.20

Tea Cakes

Choco MadeleineS$3.00
Bee HiveS$3.80

Special Gift Box

CY Gift Box SS$25.00
CY Gift box MS$42.00
CY Gift box LS$55.00

Recipe Book

Tanoshii Ke-kiS$32.00
Cook with AmiS$32.00


Modern Romance -RedS$78.00
You Make Me HappyS$98.00

Birthday Knife


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