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Best Items on Coffeesmith Singapore Menu

The most popular items from Coffeesmith cafe are Vegetarian & Fruit Salad, Salmon & Egg Sandwich, Blueberry Muffin, Ham & Cheese Croissant, Pistachio Chocolate Cake, Espresso Con Panna, and Iced Cafe Caramel Macchiato.

Coffeesmith Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Coffeesmith with a price list has thirteen categories: Salads, Open Sandwich, Bakery, Breakfast Platter, Croissant, Cakes, Espresso, Coffee, Other Beverages, Tea, Tea Latte, Frappe, and Smith Ade.


Menu ItemsPrices
Shrimp SaladS$18.60
Chicken SaladS$18.60
Vegetarian & Fruit SaladS$17.50
Salmon & Avocado SaladS$19.70

Open Sandwich

Salmon & Egg SandwichS$15.20
Smoked SalmonS$16.40


Smith WaffleS$12.00
Honey BaguetteS$9.80
Blueberry MuffinS$5.40
Rasin SconeS$4.93

Breakfast Platter

Smith Classic BreakfastFrom S$14.20


Ham & Cheese CroissantS$12.00
Scrambled Egg CroissantS$13.10
Tuna CroissantS$14.20
Shrimp CroissantS$14.20
Salmon CroissantS$16.40


Red Velvet CakeS$9.35
Chocolate Truffle CakeS$9.35
Pistachio Chocolate CakeS$9.35
Rainbow CakeS$10.40
Earl Grey Hazelnut CakeS$9.35


Double EspressoS$6.05
Espresso MacchiatoS$6.05
Espresso Con PannaS$6.05
Espresso Con ChocolateS$6.05


Cafe AmericanoFrom S$6.05
Flat WhiteFrom S$7.15
Cafe LatteFrom S$7.70
Cafe CappuccinoFrom S$7.70
Cafe ViennaFrom S$7.15
Cafe Caramel ViennaFrom S$7.70
Cafe Vanilla LatteFrom S$8.25
Cafe MochaFrom S$8.25
Cafe Caramel MacchiatoFrom S$8.25
Cafe Caramel CappuccinoFrom S$8.25
Iced Cafe AmericanoS$7.15
Iced Cafe LatteS$8.80
Iced Cafe CappuccinoS$8.80
Iced Cafe ViennaS$8.25
Iced Cafe Caramel ViennaS$9.35
Iced Cafe Vanilla LatteS$9.35
Iced Cafe MochaS$9.35
Iced Cafe Caramel MacchiatoS$9.35
Iced Cafe Caramel CappuccinoS$9.35
Smith Iced Cereal LatteFrom S$9.35

Other Beverages

MilkFrom S$5.50
Soy MilkS$6.60
Hot ChocolateFrom S$7.15


Fresh Citron TeaS$7.70
English Breakfast TeaS$7.70
Earl Grey TeaS$7.70
Green TeaS$7.70
Rooibos TeaS$8.70
Mint TeaS$8.70
Chamomile TeaS$8.70
Smith Herb TeaS$8.70
Zesty Lemon TeaS$8.70
Royal Delight Fruit TeaS$7.70
Queen’s Choice Flower TeaS$7.70

Tea Latte

Assam Milk TeaFrom S$8.25
Caramel Milk TeaFrom S$8.25
Green Milk TeaFrom S$8.25
Chai LatteFrom S$8.25
Sweet Potato LatteFrom S$8.25


Iced Coffee FrappeFrom S$8.25
Iced Caramel FrappeFrom S$8.80
Iced Chocolate FrappeFrom S$8.80
Iced Green Tea FrappeFrom S$8.80
Iced Yuja FrappeFrom S$8.80
Iced Mocha FrappeFrom S$9.35
Iced Yogurt FrappeFrom S$9.35
Iced Oreo FrappeFrom S$9.35

Smith Ade

Strawberry AdeS$6.60
Mango AdeS$6.60
Blueberry AdeS$6.60
Lemon AdeS$6.60

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Coffeesmith Halal?

No, Coffeesmith is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What are the Coffeesmith menu prices?

The price range of Coffeesmith items varies between S$4.93 to S$19.70.

Does Coffeesmith

offer delivery services?

Coffeesmith food delivery through, GrabFood, and