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Best Items on Duke Bakery Singapore Menu

The most popular items from Duke Bakery shop are Charcoal Walnut & Sesame, Japanese Scone Chocolate & Walnut, French Garlic Soft Bread, Black Goji Precious Green, Wholemeal Sourdough Loaf, and Pizza Onion Toast.

Duke Bakery Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Duke Bakery with a price list has six categories: Charcoal Bread, Japanese Scone, Bread, European Bread, Toast, and Cakes & Cookies.

Charcoal Bread

Menu ItemsPrices
Charcoal Walnut & SesameS$6.50
Charcoal Orange WalnutS$6.20

Japanese Scone

Japanese Scone BlueberryS$1.90
Japanese Scone RaisinS$1.90
Japanese Scone SaltedS$1.90
Japanese Scone Chocolate & WalnutS$1.90
Japanese Scone CranberryS$1.90


Chocolate BunS$5.20
Chocolate CheeseS$6.80
Walnut CheeseS$4.20
Swiss ChocolateS$4.00
French Garlic Soft BreadS$4.00
Triangle CheeseS$4.00
Garlic HamS$3.60
Pumpkin PrinceS$5.20
French WalnutS$4.20
Cranberry WalnutS$5.20
Orange & WalnutS$5.20
Honey & WalnutS$5.20
Matcha CustardS$5.20
Matcha Roll w/ MochiS$5.80
Black SesameS$5.70
Raisin & Cream CheeseS$7.20
Bruce BlueberryS$5.00
Black PearlS$5.80
Chocolate & Blue Mt. CoffeeS$6.30
Quinoa WalnutS$5.80
Healthy LonganS$5.70
Black Goji Precious GreenS$8.00
Tuna CheeseS$5.20
Healthy Sweet Potato BreadS$5.80
Taro BeautyS$5.80
Chocolate Mexico BunS$6.80
Pumpkin AngelS$6.90
Matcha WalnutS$5.80
Mixed Buns (pumpkin, matcha)S$4.80

European Bread

Blueberry MaizeS$7.20
Sourdough LoafS$7.20
Wholemeal Sourdough LoafS$7.50
Corn & Cheese CubesS$7.20
5-Multigrain RollsS$4.60


Pizza Onion ToastS$5.20
QQ Taro ToastS$5.20
Whole Wheat ToastS$5.20
10-Multi Grain ToastS$5.20
Egg ToastS$5.20

Cakes & Cookies

Classic Sponge Cake (cheese)S$5.20
Classic Sponge Cake (chocolate)S$5.20
Classic Sponge Cake (pandan)S$5.20
Taiwanese Pineapple TartS$2.40
Traditional Butter CookiesS$6.50
Almond CookiesS$7.60
Matcha Almond CookiesS$7.60
Earl Grey CookiesS$7.60
Duke Garlic SliceS$4.50
Duke Sugar SliceS$4.50
Duke Chocolate SliceS$4.50

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Duke Bakery Halal?

No, Duke Bakery is not Halal Certified.

What are the Duke Bakery menu prices?

The price range of Duke Bakery items is from S$1.90 to S$8.00.

Does Duke Bakery offer delivery?

Duke Bakery offers delivery through Deliveroo.com.sg and Foodpanda.sg.