Eat 3 Bowls Menu

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Best Food on Eat 3 Bowls Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Eat 3 Bowls restaurant are Shiitake Chicken Soup, Fried Tempura, Taiwanese Sausage, Tomato Omelette, Eat 3 Bowls, and Braised Pork Rice.

Eat 3 Bowls Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Eat 3 Bowls with a price list has six categories: Set Meals, Mains, Side Dishes, Fried Items, Soup, and Drinks.

Set Meals

Eat-3-Bowls SetFrom S$17.50
Chicken Rice SetS$9.30
Braised Pork Rice SetS$9.30


Eat 3 BowlsS$14.30
Braised Pork RiceS$5.50
Chicken RiceS$5.50
Oyster Intestines Mee SuaS$8

Side Dishes

Braised IntestinesS$7.70
Taiwanese SausageS$4.60
Tofu w/ Century EggS$5.30
Braised Chinese CabbageS$5.70
Boiled VegetablesS$4.90
Braised EggS$1.60
Tomato OmeletteS$6.60
Sliced Pork Belly with Garlic SauceS$7.90
Sauteed Beef Cube with GarlicS$22

Fried Items

Salted Crispy ChickenFrom S$8.50
Sweet Potato FriesS$8.50
Fried TempuraFrom S$7.70


Herbal Pork Rib SoupS$7
Bittergourd Pork Rib SoupS$6
Shiitake Chicken SoupS$6


Bubble Tea LatteS$4.70
Milk Tea with PuddingS$4.70
Green Tea w/ YakultS$4.70
Lemon Wintermelon TeaS$4.70
Grass Jelly Fresh MilkS$4.70
Fresh Milk w/ Brown Sugar PearlsS$4.70
Lemon Jasmine Green TeaS$5.30
Passion Fruit QQS$5.30
Black Tea Latte with Pearls & Red BeansS$5.30
Cocoa LatteS$5.30
Fresh Milk TeaS$4.20
Iced Tea (Black/Green/Oolong)From S$2.80
Iced LatteS$4.90
Black Coffee (Hot)S$3.50
Ice Aiyu JellyS$3
Canned DrinksFrom S$2