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Best Food on Egg Stop Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Egg Stop shop are Spicy Fried Chicken Sando, Turkey Bacon & Cheese, Beef Chilli Mac & Cheese, Mackerel Otah + Juice + Mac & Cheese, Turkey Bacon + Juice + Tater Tots, and Breakfast Sausage Sandwich.

Egg Stop Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Egg Stop with a price list has seven categories: Sandwiches, Sides, Sandwich + Mac & Cheese Set, Sandwich + Tater Tots Set, Waffles Co., Tea Lattes, and Juices.


Menu ItemsPrices
Spicy Fried Chicken SandoS$7.80
Sweet Thai Chilli FishS$7.60
Kimchi & Chicken SpamS$6.50
Beef Chilli CheeseS$6.90
Turkey Bacon & CheeseS$6.40
Smoked ChickenS$6.80
Mala ChickenS$6.80
Chicken Ham & CheeseS$6.40
Mackerel OtahS$6.50
Egg MayoS$4.20


Mac & CheeseS$5.90
Beef Chilli Mac & CheeseS$6.90
Garlic Bread SticksS$3.70
Tater TotsS$5.50
Loaded Tater TotsS$6.40

Sandwich + Mac & Cheese Set

Sweet Thai Chilli Fish + Juice + Mac & CheeseS$15.10
Spicy Fried Chicken Sando + Juice + Mac & CheeseS$15.40
Turkey Bacon + Juice + Mac & CheeseS$13.90
Chicken Ham + Juice + Mac & CheeseS$13.90
Beef Chilli Cheese + Juice + Mac & CheeseS$14.40
Kimchi & Chicken Spam + Juice + Mac & CheeseS$13.90
Mackerel Otah + Juice + Mac & CheeseS$14.90
Smoked Chicken + Juice + Mac & CheeseS$14.30
Mala Chicken + Juice + Mac & CheeseS$14.30

Sandwich + Tater Tots Set

Spicy Fried Chicken Sando + Juice + Tater TotsS$13.50
Sweet Thai Chilli Fish + Juice + Tater TotsS$13.10
Turkey Bacon + Juice + Tater TotsS$11.90
Chicken Ham + Juice + Tater TotsS$11.90
Beef Chilli Cheese + Juice + Tater TotsS$12.40
Kimchi & Chicken Spam + Juice + Tater TotsS$12.00
Mackerel Otah + Juice + Tater TotsS$13.00
Smoked Chicken + Juice + Tater TotsS$12.30
Mala Chicken + Juice + Tater TotsS$12.30

Waffles Co.

Fried Chicken & WafflesS$8.40
S’mores SandwichS$5.50
Breakfast Sausage SandwichS$8.40

Tea Lattes

Matcha LatteS$5.80
Earl Grey LatteS$5.80
Hojicha LatteS$5.80
Oolong Tea LatteS$5.50


Blackcurrant JuiceS$2.70
Calamansi JuiceS$2.70
Fruit PunchS$2.70

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Egg Stop Halal?

Yes, Egg Stop is a Halal Certified Restaurant.

What type of food is Egg Stop?

The main food offered at Egg Stop is Sandwiches.

What are the Egg Stop menu prices?

The price range of Egg Stop items is from S$2.70 to S$15.40.

Does Egg Stop offer deliver

Egg Stop offers food delivery through,, and GrabFood.