Eighteen Chefs Menu

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Best Food on Eighteen Chefs Singapore Menu

The most popular items from the Eighteen Chefs restaurant are Black Pepper Chicken Sausage, Chicken & Sausage with Mushroom Sauce, Pan-fried Fish with Thai Salsa, Salted Egg Crispy Chicken Burger, and Tom Yum Seafood Fusilli.

Eighteen Chefs Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Eighteen Chefs with a price list has nine categories: Starters, Meat Lovers, Fish Lovers, The Legendary Burgers, Hearty Fried Rice, Cheese Baked Rice, Pasta, Be Your Own Chef, and Cold Beverages.


Menu ItemsPrices
Black Pepper Chicken SausageS$3.40
Soup of the DayS$4.00
Potato WedgesS$4.20
French FriesFrom S$4.20
Chicken NuggetsS$5.10
Onion RingsS$5.10
Roasted Chicken DrumettesS$9.40
Popcorn ChickenS$7.00
Calamari RingsS$8.20
Mixed PlatterFrom S$17.80

Meat Lovers

BBQ ChickenFrom S$14.20
Black Pepper ChickenFrom S$14.20
Teriyaki ChickenFrom S$14.20
Crispy ChickenFrom S$14.20
Chicken & Sausage w/ Mushroom SauceFrom S$16.60
Prime StriploinFrom S$21.40
Prime RibeyeFrom S$23.80
Chicken & Beef ComboFrom S$29.80

Fish Lovers

Pan-fried Fish w/ Thai SalsaFrom S$15.00
Fish & ChipsFrom S$17.80
Teriyaki SalmonFrom S$20.20

The Legendary Burgers

Salted Egg Crispy Chicken BurgerS$13.00
18C Angus Beef BurgerS$15.40

Hearty Fried Rice

Rodeo Drumettes & Black Pepper Chicken SausageFrom S$13.00
Breaded Prawns & Calamari RingsFrom S$14.20
Chicken w/ Coconut SambalFrom S$15.40
Grilled ChickenFrom S$16.60
Tempura Fish FilletFrom S$19.80
Striploin (180g)From S$22.60
Striploin Steak w/ Black Pepper Chicken SausageFrom S$23.80
Ribeye Steak w/ Black Pepper Chicken SausageFrom S$26.20

Cheese Baked Rice

Truffle Mushroom Grilled ChickenS$13.00
Striploin Steak w/ Mushroom SauceS$14.20
Breaded Prawns w/ Japanese CurryS$11.80
Chicken Katsu w/ Japanese CurryS$13.00
Teriyaki SalmonS$14.20


Seafood Aglio OlioS$14.20
Carbonara w/ Sous Vide EggS$13.00
Truffle Cheese FusilliS$13.00
Tom Yum Seafood FusilliS$14.20
Beef BologneseS$11.80
Salted Egg Prawn PastaS$14.20
Shimeiji Mushroom & Asparagus Aglio OlioS$11.80
Prawn Aglio OlioS$15.40

Be Your Own Chef

SpaghettiFrom S$11.10
FusilliFrom S$11.80
Cheese Baked RiceFrom S$11.10
Cheese Baked SpaghettiFrom S$12.20
Cheese Baked FusilliFrom S$12.60

Cold Beverages

Bottled WaterS$2.20
Iced Lemon TeaS$3.60
Iced Honey Lemon TeaS$4.00
Iced LatteS$4.20
Lime SodaS$4.60
Grape SodaS$4.60
Blue OceanS$5.40
Coke ZeroS$3.40
Root BeerS$3.40
Oreo FreezeS$5.40
Strawberry & Mango SmoothieS$5.80
Chocolate MilkshakeS$7.10

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Eighteen Chefs Halal?

Yes, Eighteen Chefs is a halal-certified restaurant.

What type of food is Eighteen Chefs?

The main cuisine served at Eighteen Chefs outlets is Western.

What are the Eighteen Chefs menu prices?

The price range of Eighteen Chefs items varies between S$2.20 to S$29.80.

Does Eighteen Chefs offer delivery services?

Eighteen Chefs offers food delivery through Deliveroo.com.sg, Foodpanda.sg, and GrabFood.