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Best Food on Elijah Pies Menu

The most popular food items from Elijah Pies Shop are Pandan Coconut Pie, Matcha Latte Pie, Wild Berry Lavender Pie, and Yuzu Cheesy Pie.

Elijah Pies Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Elijah Pies with a price list has one category: Pie


Menu ItemsPrices
Mango Grapefruit Cheesy PieS$68.00
Yuzu Cheesy PieS$68.00
Pistachio Cheesy PieS$68.00
Nutella PieFrom S$47.00
Wild Berry Lavender PieFrom S$54.00
Speculoos Hōjicha PieFrom S$54.00
Raspberry Ripple PieFrom S$54.00
Matcha Latte PieFrom S$54.00
Honey Chrysanthemum PieFrom S$54.00
Earl Grey Rose PieFrom S$54.00
Pandan Coconut PieFrom S$47.00
Black Truffle Mash Pie (Savoury)S$62.00
Scallop Chowder Pie (Savoury)S$69.00