Fish & Chicks Menu

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Best Food on Fish & Chicks Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Fish & Chicks restaurant are Fish & Chips with Salted Egg Sauce, Mentaiko Chicken Cutlet & Chips, Classic Beef Burger, Ham & Mushroom Carbonara Pasta, and Fried Cod Fish with Chilli Crab Pasta.

Fish & Chicks Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Fish & Chicks with a price list has ten categories: Signatures Dishes, Fish & Chips, Chicken & Chips, Burgers with Fries, Pasta, Cod Fish & Chips, Rice, Baked Rice / Pasta, Grilled Steak & Chop, and Sides.

Signatures Dishes

Menu ItemsPrices
Singapore Special Fish & Chips (Salted Egg And Chilli Crab)S$18.30
Signatures AS$18.30
Signatures BS$23.60

Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips w/ Chili Crab SauceS$14.80
Fish & Chips w/ Salted Egg SauceS$14.80
Mentaiko Fish & ChipsS$16.30
Honey Glazed Grilled SalmonS$14.80
Mentaiko Grilled SalmonS$16.30
Herb Infused Fish & ChipsS$11.30
Classic Fish & ChipsS$11.30

Chicken & Chips

Fried Chicken w/ Salted Egg SauceS$14.80
Grilled Chicken w/ Salted Egg SauceS$14.80
Spring ChickenFrom S$11.30
Black Pepper ChickenS$12.60
Chargrilled ChickenS$12.60
Hawaiian ChickenS$14.60
Classic Chicken CutletS$12.80
Mentaiko Chicken Cutlet & ChipsS$15.80

Burgers with Fries

Fish BurgerS$12.60
Chicken BurgerS$12.80
Classic Beef BurgerS$16.30


Truffle Carbonara Pasta w/ Chargrilled ChickenS$14.80
Salted Egg Pasta w/ Classic Chicken CutletS$13.60
Mentaiko Pasta w/ Grilled Mentaiko SalmonS$16.30
Aglio Olio Pasta w/ Grilled Or Fried Dory FishS$12.60
Chilli Crab Pasta w/ Fried Dory FishS$13.60
Tomato Pasta w/ Grilled Or Fried Dory FishS$12.60
Tom Yum Pasta w/ Fried Dory FishS$12.80
Aglio Olio Pasta w/ Grilled or Fried ChickenS$12.60
Tomato Pasta w/ Grilled/Fried ChickenS$12.60
Ham & Mushroom Carbonara PastaS$12.80
Smoked Duck Aglio OlioS$12.80
Striploin Steak Aglio OlioS$18.60
Lamb Chop Aglio OlioS$18.60

Cod Fish & Chips

Signature A Cod Fish & Chips (Fried Cod Fish & Chicken Cutlet)S$23.50
Signature B Cod Fish & Chips (Chilli Crab Sauce & Salted Egg)S$29.10
Chilli Crab Sauce w/ Fried Cod Fish & ChipsS$20.00
Salted Egg Sauce w/ Fried Cod Fish & ChipsS$20.00
Fried /Grilled Cod Fish w/ Aglio Olio PastaS$17.60
Fried Cod Fish w/ Chilli Crab PastaS$18.80
Fried /Grilled Cod Fish w/ Tomato PastaS$17.60
Fried Cod Fish w/ Tom Yum PastaS$18.80
Rice With Fried / Grilled Cod FishS$17.60
Classic Fried Cod Fish & ChipsS$16.60


Rice w/ FishS$12.60
Rice w/ ChickenS$12.60
Rice w/ Grilled Mentaiko SalmonS$16.30

Baked Rice / Pasta

Baked Rice w/ Grilled FishS$14.90
Baked Tomato Pasta w/ Grilled FishS$14.90
Baked Carbonara Pasta w/ Grilled FishS$14.90
Baked Tomato Pasta w/ Grilled ChickenS$14.90
Baked Rice w/ Grilled ChickenS$14.90
Baked Carbonara Pasta w/ Grilled ChickenS$14.90

Grilled Steak & Chop

Striploin SteakS$18.60
Lamb ChopS$18.60


Cheese FriesS$5.60
Mentaiko FriesS$6.80
Onion RingsS$4.30
2 Fried Chicken WingsS$4.10
Mashed PotatoS$3.60
Mushroom SoupS$3.30

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Fish & Chicks Halal?

Yes, Fish & Chicks is a Halal Certified restaurant.

What type of food is Fish & Chicks?

The main cuisine served at Fish & Chicks is Western.

What are the Fish & Chicks menu prices?

The price range of Fish & Chicks items is from S$3.30 to S$29.10.

Does Fish & Chicks offer delivery?

Fish & Chicks offers food delivery through,, and GrabFood.