Flavour Flings Menu

  • French
  • 7 Categories
  • 57 items
  • 5/5

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Best Food on Flavour Flings Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Flavour Flings cafe are Carbonara Pasta, Beef Bolognaise Pasta, Salted Egg Yolk Dirty Benny, Truffle Fries, Crab Roll, and Salted Egg Yolk Fries.

Flavour Flings Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Flavour Flings with a price list has seven categories: Pastas, All Day Brunch, Burgers, Starters, Pancakes, Hot Drinks, and Iced Drinks.


Menu ItemsPrices
Carbonara PastaS$17.90
Beef Bolognaise PastaS$16.90
Fling’s NoodleS$17.90
Aglio Olio PastaS$17.90
Hot Beef MeeS$17.90
Beef Tom Yum PastaS$17.90
Chili Crab PastaS$19.50
LA LA Tomyum PastaS$18.50

All Day Brunch

Eggs Benedict w/Turkey HamS$17.90
Salted Egg Yolk Dirty BennyS$18.50
Eggs Benedict w/Smoked SalmonS$17.90
Croissant Dirty Norwegian Soft YolkS$19.50
Eggs Benedict w/Turkey BaconS$17.90
Ham & Cheese CroissantS$17.90
Smoked Salmon & Cheese CroissantS$17.90
Turkey Bacon & Cheese CroissantS$17.90
Machamp BreakfastS$19.50
Crab RollS$19.50
Fried Chicken & PancakesS$19.50
Chicken Cutlet w/Swiss Raclette CheeseS$25.90
Shroom ToastS$16.50


Fried Chicken BurgerS$18.50
The Brunch BurgerS$19.50
Nasty, The Beef BurgerS$21.90
Cheeseburger ClassicS$19.50
Cheeseburger with Swiss Raclette CheeseS$24.50
Blue Cheese Beef BurgerS$19.50
BBQ Beef BurgerS$19.50


Focaccia Garlic ToastsS$6.90
Salted Egg Yolk CroissantS$7.50
Truffle FriesS$10
Salted Egg Yolk FriesS$10
Beef Chili Cheese FriesS$11
Har Cheong WingletsS$11
Blue Cheese FriesS$10
Milo Coated Popcorn Chicken w/Nacho Cheese DipS$11
Nacho Cheese FriesS$9
Truffle Mushroom SoupS$6.90


Basic Stacks PancakesS$8.50
The Awesome One PancakesS$11

Hot Drinks

Hot ChocolateS$6.50
Honey Citron Yuzu TeaS$5.50
Hot Thai Milk TeaS$5.50

Iced Drinks

A&W Root BeerS$3
Coca ColaS$3
Iced Earl Grey TeaS$6
Iced Lemon TeaS$6
Root Beer FloatS$5.50
Coke FloatS$5.50
Iced ChocolateS$7
Iced Thai Milk TeaS$6
Ginger AleS$3.50
Iced Honey Camomile TeaS$6
Ginger Ale FloatS$6
Iced Honey Citron YuzuS$6
Iced Jasmine Green TeaS$6