Fusion Express Menu

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Best Food on Fusion Express Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Fusion Express restaurant are Chicken Ham & Mushroom Carbonara Pasta, Brown Sauce Chicken Chop, NZ Airflown Prime Striploin Steak, and Grilled Fish with Black Pepper Sauce.

Fusion Express Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Fusion Express with a price list has eight categories: Pasta, Fusion Flaming Grilled Chicken, Cowboy Pride, Mary Have A Little Lamb, Harvest From The Sea, Local Favourites, Fusion Special, and Sides.


Menu ItemsPrices
Fusion Seafood SpaghettiS$9.00
Fusion Chicken Chop SpaghettiS$10.80
Chicken Ham & Mushroom Carbonara PastaS$11.30
Carbonara Seafood PastaS$11.30
Chicken Chop w/ Carbonara PastaS$10.80
Grilled Fish w/ Aglio OlioS$11.30
Seafood Aglio OlioS$10.20
Giant Sausage Aglio OlioS$9.70
Beef Meatball SpaghettiS$10.70

Fusion Flaming Grilled Chicken

Black Pepper Chicken ChopS$10.50
Brown Sauce Chicken ChopS$10.50
Garlic Sauce Chicken ChopS$10.50
Creamy Chicken ChopS$11.20
Crispy Chicken ChopS$10.50
BBQ Grilled Chicken ChopS$11.30
Salted Egg Crispy ChickenS$12.30

Cowboy Pride

NZ Airflown Prime Striploin SteakS$18.00
NZ Airflown Prime Ribeye SteakS$19.00
Fusion Mixed Grilled w/ Giant Chicken SausageS$19.50

Mary Have A Little Lamb

Black Pepper LambloinS$16.70
Brown Sauce LambloinS$16.70
Garlic Sauce LambloinS$15.90

Harvest From The Sea

Grilled Fish w/ Lemon Butter SauceS$10.50
Grilled Fish w/ Honey Butter SauceS$10.50
Grilled Fish w/ Garlic SauceS$11.00
Grilled Fish w/ Black Pepper SauceS$10.50
Grilled Fish w/ Creamy SauceS$11.70
Crispy Fried FishS$10.00
Cheesy Fried FishS$10.00
Fusion Grilled Salmon FishS$15.60
Salted Egg Crispy FishS$12.30

Local Favourites

Spring ChickenS$14.10
Half Spring Chicken w/ RiceS$8.20
Half Spring Chicken w/ FriesS$9.20
Chicken Wing RiceS$6.20
Crispy Chicken w/ RiceS$6.20
Crispy Fish w/ RiceS$7.20
Western Fried RiceS$6.80
Hawaiian Fried RiceS$6.80
Fried Rice w/ Grilled Chicken ChopS$10.50
Fried Rice w/ Grilled FishS$11.00
Fried Rice w/ Giant Chicken SausageS$10.20

Fusion Special

Chicken BurgerFrom S$6.40
Fish BurgerFrom S$5.20
Giant Italian Chicken SausageFrom S$7.00
Giant Italian Beef SausageFrom S$7.00
Fusion Combo Finger FoodS$12.80
Beef Burger Set MealS$11.00


French FriesFrom S$3.50
Mexican Cheese FriesS$5.50
Mexican Cheese WedgesS$5.50
Onion RingsS$5.00
Chicken NuggetsS$6.30
Fried Chicken WingsS$2.00
Crispy Chicken PopcornFrom S$5.50
Garlic BreadS$4.40
Mushroom SoupS$4.10
Mushroom Soup Set MealS$6.00

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Fusion Express Halal?

No, Fusion Express is not Halal Certified.

What type of food is Fusion Express?

The main cuisine served at Fusion Express is Western.

What are the Fusion Express menu prices?

The price range of Fusion Express items is from S$2.00 to S$19.50.

Does Fusion Express offer delivery?

Fusion Express offers food delivery through GrabFood, Deliveroo.com.sg and Foodpanda.sg.