Happy Seafood Village Menu

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Best Food on Happy Seafood Village Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Happy Seafood Village restaurant are Cabbage & Pork Dumplings, Fried French Beans with Dry Chilli, Deep-fried Cod with Soy Sauce, Stir-fried Bitter Guard with Salted Eggs, and Marmite Chicken

Happy Seafood Village Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Happy Seafood Village with a price list has eleven categories: Specials, Sichuan Speciality, Seafood, Vegetables, Chicken, Meat, Soup, Meals, Bean Curd & Omelette, Sides, and Beverages.


Menu ItemsPrices
Fried Mini MantouS$6.42
Homemade Shrimp RollS$19.26
Yam RingS$34.24
Fried Sotong w/ Salted EggS$21.40
Cabbage & Pork DumplingsS$9.63
Chives & Pork DumplingsS$9.63

Sichuan Speciality

Chongqing Grilled FishS$51.36
Boiled Fish Fillet w/ Pickled CabbageS$29.96
Fish Fillet in Hot Chilli OilS$29.96
Fragrant Hot Pot BullfrogS$32.10
Bobo Spicy FrogS$32.10
Prawn Kebab w/ Dry ChilliS$29.96
Fried Prawns w/ Spiced SaltS$26.75
Stir-fried CauliflowerS$17.12
Fried French Beans w/ Dry ChilliS$16.50
Braised Duck w/ BeerS$29.96
Mapo ToufuS$16.50
Twice Cooked Pork BellyS$17.12
Braised Pork TrottersS$21.40
 Sichuan Shredded Pork w/ Garlic SauceS$17.12
Fried Beef w/ Vermicelli & EnokiS$26.75
Beef in Hot Chilli OilS$26.75
Stone Lamb PotS$62.06


Sweet & Sour Sliced FishS$17.12
Deep-fried Cod w/ Soy SauceS$53.50
Salted Egg PrawnsS$36.75
Tempura PrawnsS$19.26
Boiled Live PrawnsS$34.24
Gong GongS$16.05
Sambal LalaS$19.26


Sambal KangkongS$12.84
Baby Spinach SoupS$17.12
Fried Kailan w/ Minced MeatS$17.12
Sambal PetaiS$17.12
Stir-fried Bitter Guard w/ Salted EggsS$16.50
Fried Trio Fresh MushroomS$17.12
Giant Chives w/ Bean SproutS$16.05
Scallop w/ BroccoliS$26.75


Prawn Paste Mid Joint WingS$18.20
Marmite ChickenS$18.20
Crispy Chicken w/ Salted EggS$19.26


Sweet & Sour PorkS 19.26
Deep-fried Garlic Pork BellyS$19.26
Ribs KingS$19.26


Salted Vegetable Bean Curd SoupS$8.56
Bitter Gourd SoupS$8.56
Tom Yam SoupS$12.84


Penang Fried Kuey TeowS$10.70
San Lao Hor FunS$10.70
Beef Hor FunS$10.70
Seafood Fried Hor FunS$10.70
Seafood Mee GorengS$12.84
Crown Prince Spicy Mee HoonS$12.84
Lala Hokkien MeeS$12.84
Sweet & Sour Pork RiceS$10.70
Pork Curry RiceS$10.70
Ribs King RiceS$10.70
Sweet & Sour Slices Fish RiceS$10.70
Marmite Chicken RiceS$10.70
Salted Egg Chicken RiceS$10.70
Yangzhou Fried RiceS$10.70
Salted Fish Fried RiceS$10.70
Seafood Fried RiceS$12.84
Crab Meat Fried RiceS$14.98
Signature Fried RiceS$12.84

Bean Curd & Omelette

Jade Scallop Bean CurdS$19.26
Egg Foo YongS$12.84
Fried Egg w/ ShrimpsS$12.84


Poached EggS$1.28
Plain RiceS$1.28


Iced BarleyS$3.75
Homemade Lime JuiceS$3.75
Honey Lime JuiceS$4.82
Spring WaterS$2.68
Green TeaS$2.68
Iced Lemon TeaS$2.68
Red Bull S$2.68
Fresh Thai CoconutS$6.42

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Happy Seafood Village Halal?

No, Happy Seafood Village is not Halal Certified.

What type of food is Happy Seafood Village?

The main food served at Happy Seafood Village is Seafood.

What are the Happy Seafood Village menu prices?

The price range of Happy Seafood Village items is from S$1.28 to S$62.06.

Does Happy Seafood Village offer delivery?

Happy Seafood Village offers food delivery through GrabFood and Foodpanda.sg.