Hei Sushi Menu

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Best Food on Hei Sushi Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Chapter 55 restaurant are Spicy Akami Maguro Temaki, Aburi Hokkaido Hotate, Soft Shell Crab Crepe Maki, Kanifumi Sushi, California Mini Maki, and Chuka Wakame Gunkan.

Hei Sushi Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Hei Sushi with a price list has thirty three categories: Bento Combos, Mala Sushi Series, Bundle Set Deals, Party Sets, Sushi Platter, Temaki, Aburi & Tobimayo Sushi, Premium Maki, Nigiri Sushi, Makimono, Gunkan, Specialty Makimono, Chinmi, Inari Sushi, Sashimi, Neta, Chef’s Creation, Carpaccio & Salad, Kara Yaki, Tempura, Agemono, Yakimono, Nabemono, Hei Bibinba, Ju, Ramen, Fusion Udon, Udon & Soba, Mini Baked Rice, Side Orders, Desserts, Kiddy Sets, and Beverages.

Bento Combos

Menu ItemsPrices
Bundle Set AS$42.75
Bento Bundle BS$45.60

Mala Sushi Series

Sushi Lemak Makimono (8 pcs)S$16.47

Bundle Set Deals

Yaki-Licious SetS$39.38
Buy 2 Tempura Moriawase & Get 1 Extra Set FreeS$52.26
Shi-Licious SetS$132.65

Party Sets

Himawari Party SetS$92.10
Kaika Party SetS$80.20
Yuri Party SetS$56.50

Sushi Platter

Hei Heiwa PlatterS$19.70
Hei Sora PlatterS$32.70


California TemakiS$4.10
Soft Shell Crab TemakiS$6.50
Ebi Fried TemakiS$6.50
Ebi Tempura TemakiS$6.50
Spicy Shake TemakiS$4.10
Spicy Akami Maguro TemakiS$4.10
Unagi TemakiS$6.50
Tuna MayoS$4.10

Aburi & Tobimayo Sushi

Aburi MoriawaseS$14.90
Aburi Hokkaido HotateS$6.50
Aburi HamachiS$6.50
Aburi ShakeS$6.50
Aburi Akami MaguroS$6.50
Aburi MeikajikiS$6.50
Aburi ManagatsuoS$6.50
Tobimayo MoriawaseS$17.30
Shake TobimayoS$8.30
Tamago TobimayoS$8.30
Unagi TobimayoS$8.30
Ebi Fry TobimayoS$8.30
Ebi TobimayoS$8.30

Premium Maki

Tobimayo Idako MakiS$10.00
Mori Cheese MakiS$10.00
Lobster Salad MakiS$10.00
Soft Shell Crab Crepe MakiS$10.00
Hana MakiS$10.00
Ebi Tempura Crepe MakiS$10.00

Nigiri Sushi

Ebi SushiS$4.10
Tako SushiS$4.10
Kanifumi SushiS$ 4.10
Shake SushiS$ 4.10
Amaebi SushiS$ 4.10
Akami SushiS$ 4.10
Ika SushiS$ 4.10
Tamago SushiS$ 4.10
Unagi SushiS$ 6.50


California Mini MakiS$6.50
Soft Shell Crab MakiS$4.10
Futo MakiS$4.10
Kani MakiS$4.10
Tamago MakiS$4.10
Kappa MakiS$4.10
Shake MakiS$4.10
Tekka MakiS$4.10


Lobster Salad GunkanS$6.50
Chuka Hotate GunkanS$4.10
Tobiko GunkanS$4.10
Tuna Mayo GunkanS$4.10
Kani Salad GunkanS$4.10
Chuka Wakame GunkanS$4.10
Ebiko GunkanS$4.07
Chuka Idako GunkanS$4.10
Tamago Mayo GunkanS$4.10
Chuka Kurage GunkanS$4.10
Corn GunkanS$4.10
Spicy Shake GunkanS$4.10
Spicy Akami Maguro GunkanS$4.10

Specialty Makimono

Hei ShakeS$12.50
Spider MakiS$12.50
Sunshine MakiS$12.50
Hei Una MakiS$12.50
Hei Dragon MakiS$12.50


Lobster SaladS$10.00
Chuka HotateS$10.00
Chuka WakameS$10.00
Chuka IdakoS$10.00
Chuka KurageS$10.00

Inari Sushi

Tobimayo InariS$6.50
Lobster Salad InariS$6.50


Sashimi ParadiseS$60.00
Hei SashimiS$24.40
Sashimi DivineS$36.30


Cheesy Beef NetaS$6.50
Tori NetaS$6.50
Spicy Shake NetaS$6.50

Chef’s Creation

Kinoko ItameS$11.30

Carpaccio & Salad

Sashimi SaladS$14.90
Hei SaladS$13.70

Kara Yaki

Hotate KaraS$23.20
Shake KaraS$18.50
Saba KaraS$12.50
Ika KaraS$17.30


Yasai TempuraS$12.50
Ika Somen TempuraS$10.20
Ebi TempuraS$18.50
Tempura MoriawaseS$17.30


Ebi FryS$9.00
Agedashi TofuS$10.20
Tori KaraageS$11.30
Soft Shell CrabS$13.70


Shake TobimayoS$18.50
Hotate TobimayoS$14.90
Unagi KabayakiS$20.80
Hot Bean ShakeS$18.50
Teriyaki ShakeS$18.50
Saba ShioyakiS$12.50
Chicken Katsu CheeseS$12.50
Hot Bean HotateS$12.50
Ika YakiS$14.90
Black Pepper Chicken ThighS$13.70
Hot Bean Chicken ThighS$13.70
Teriyaki Chicken ThighS$13.70
Hot Bean GyuS$18.50
Teriyaki GyuS$18.50


Hondashi Gyu NabemonoS$24.40
Kimchi Gyu NabemonoS$24.40
Tom Yum Gyu NabemonoS$24.40
Hondashi Kaisen NabemonoS$25.60
Kimchi Kaisen NabemonoS$25.60
Tom Yum Kaisen NabemonoS$25.60
Hondashi Tori NabemonoS$20.80
Kimchi Tori NabemonoS$20.80
Tom Yum Tori NabemonoS$20.80
Hondashi Gindara NabemonoS$25.60
Kimchi Gindara NabemonoS$25.60
Tom Yum Gindara NabemonoS$25.60
Hondashi Shingiku HotpotS$14.90
Kimchi Shingiku HotpotS$14.90
Tom Yum Shingiku HotpotS$14.90

Hei Bibinba

Gyu BibinbaS$22.00
Tori BibinbaS$19.70


Katsu Curry JuS$19.70
Sashimi JuS$22.00
Tebasaki & Yakitori JuS$18.50
Salmon Sashimi JuS$19.70
Unatama JuS$24.40
Chicken Katsu JuS$19.70
Gyu Ju Black PepperS$22.00
Gyu Ju CurryS$22.00
Gyu Ju Hot BeanS$22.00
Gyu Ju TeriyakiS$22.00
Shake Ju Black PepperS$ 20.80
Shake Ju CurryS$ 20.80
Shake Ju Hot BeanS$ 20.80
Shake Ju TeriyakiS$ 20.80
Tori Ju Black PepperS$ 20.80
Tori Ju CurryS$ 20.80
Tori Ju Hot BeanS$ 20.80
Tori Ju TeriyakiS$ 20.80


Chicken Gyu RamenS$23.20
Curry Gyu RamenS$23.20
Kimchi Gyu RamenS$23.20
Chicken Zarigani RamenS$24.40
Curry Zarigani RamenS$24.40
Kimchi Zarigani RamenS$24.40
Chicken Kaisen RamenS$20.80
Curry Kaisen RamenS$20.80
Kimchi Kaisen RamenS$20.80
Chicken Teriyaki Chicken RamenS$19.70
Curry Teriyaki Chicken RamenS$ 19.70
Kimchi Teriyaki Chicken RamenS$19.70
Chicken Ebi Tempura RamenS$20.80
Curry Ebi Tempura RamenS$20.80
Kimchi Ebi Tempura RamenS$20.80
Katsu Curry RamenS$19.70

Fusion Udon

Kaisen UdonS$22.00
Spicy Zarigani UdonS$20.80
Tori UdonS$18.50
Tenzaru UdonS$19.70

Udon & Soba

Soft Shell Crab CurryS$20.80
Soft Shell Crab Udon SoupS$20.80
Teriyaki Chicken CurryS$19.70
Teriyaki Chicken Udon SoupS$19.70
Gyu CurryS$23.20
Gyu Udon SoupS$23.20
Ebi Tempura CurryS$20.80
Ebi Tempura Udon SoupS$20.80

Mini Baked Rice

Hotate & Wakame Baked RiceS$7.80
Sashimi Baked RiceS$7.80
Unagi Baked RiceS$10.20
Spicy Shake Baked RiceS$7.80

Side Orders

Kanifumi TempuraS$4.10
Cha SobaS$4.10
Fried HotateS$4.10
Age GyozaS$6.50
Fried TofuS$4.10


Royal Chocolate TruffleS$7.60
New York Cheese CakeS$7.60

Kiddy Sets

Munchkin SetS$14.90
The Magic School Bus SetS$14.90
Mini Mee SetS$14.90
Fireman SetS$14.90


Coca ColaS$3.90
A&W Root BeerS$3.90
Heaven & Earth Iced Lemon TeaS$3.90
Heaven & Earth Iced Green TeaS$3.90

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