Hey Long Cha Menu

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Best Items on Hey Long Cha Singapore Menu

The most popular items from Hey Long Cha restaurant are Strawberry Coco Yogo, Herbal Jelly Oolong Milk Tea, Osmanthus Honey Tea, Classic Black Coffee C.C, Boba Brown Sugar Fresh Milk, and Lemon Pink Guava Lychee Pop Ice.

Hey Long Cha Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Hey Long Cha with a price list has nine categories: Yoghurt, Signature Milk Tea, Refreshing Tea, Creme Cheeso, Fresh Milk, Crushed Ice Tea, Smoothies, Taiwan Brewed Tea, and Coffee.


Menu ItemsPrices
Strawberry Coco YogoFrom S$5.87
Oreo Coco YogoFrom S$5.87
Mango Coco YogoFrom S$5.87

Signature Milk Tea

Signature Boba Milk TeaFrom S$ 4.17
Herbal Jelly Oolong Milk TeaFrom S$ 4.17
Boba Brown Sugar Milk TeaFrom S$ 5.02
Milk TeaFrom S$ 3.57
Honey Milk TeaFrom S$ 4.42
Peach Milk TeaFrom S$ 4.42
Strawberry MilkFrom S$ 4.42
Pink Guava MilkFrom S$ 4.42
Mango MilkFrom S$ 4.42

Refreshing Tea

Peach TeaFrom S$3.83
Osmanthus Honey TeaFrom S$3.83
Grapefruit TeaFrom S$4.17
Kamquat Lemon BlackFrom S$3.83
Honey TeaFrom S$3.83
Fresh Lemon TeaFrom S$3.57
Korean CitronFrom S$3.83
Honey LemonFrom S$3.83

Creme Cheeso

Tea Creme CheesoFrom S$4.25
Classic Black Coffee C.CFrom S$5.10
Boba Crème CheesoFrom S$5.53

Fresh Milk

LatteFrom S$4.17
Boba Brown Sugar Fresh MilkFrom S$4.93
Herbal Jelly Brown Sugar Fresh MilkFrom S$4.93

Crushed Ice Tea

Honey Herbal Jelly IceFrom S$5.87
Lemon Pink Guava Lychee Pop IceFrom S$5.87
Bobo Grapefruit Green Tea IceFrom S$5.87
Bobo Peach Alishan Tea IceFrom S$5.87


Choco CrazeFrom S$5.53
Mango MadnessFrom S$5.53
Oreo MilkFrom S$5.53
Strawberry SnowFrom S$5.53
Milk Tea FanaticFrom S$5.53

Taiwan Brewed Tea

Freshly Brewed TeaFrom S$2.21


Classic Black CoffeeFrom S$3.23
HeyLongCha Milk CoffeeFrom S$3.83

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Hey Long Cha Halal?

No, Hey Long Cha is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What type of drink is Hey Long Cha?

The main drink served at Hey Long Cha outlets is Bubble Tea.

What are the Hey Long Cha menu prices?

The price range of Hey Long Cha items varies between S$2.21 to S$5.87.

Does Hey Long Cha offer delivery services?

Hey Long Cha offers delivery through Deliveroo.com.sg, GrabFood, and Foodpanda.sg.