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Best Food on House of Seafood Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from House of Seafood restaurant are Golden Creamy Butter Crab, Korean Seafood Tower, Seafood Casserole, Lobster Fruit Salad, Wok-fried Cereal Prawns, and Fish Maw & Crab Meat Broth.

House of Seafood Menu with Prices

The complete menu of House of Seafood with a price list has thirty three categories: Live Crab, High Seafood Tower, Set Menu, Cold Platter, Shark’s Fin, Sea Cucumber, Abalone, Lobster, Clams, Prawn, Fish, Fish Head, Exotic Seafood, Crayfish, Soup & Broth, Local Delights, Pork, Venison, Chicken, Vegetable, Egg, Beancurd, Rice, Rice and Noodles, BBQ, Dim Sum Menu, FROZEN Ready to Eat Crab, Dessert, Homemade Bottled Drinks, Beer, Canned Drinks/Hot Drinks, Healthy Drinks, Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juices, and Options.

Live Crab

Menu ItemsPrices
Signature Black Pepper CrabFrom S$85.00
Chili CrabFrom S$85.00
Golden Creamy Butter CrabFrom S$85.00
Salted Egg CrabFrom S$85.00
Alaska CrabS$580.00
Indonesia Baked CrabFrom S$85.00
Steamed Live CrabFrom S$85.00
Kam Hong Live Crab (malaysia style)From S$85.00
White Pepper CrabFrom S$85.00
Claypot Tang Hoon CrabFrom S$90.00
Claypot Bee Hoon Crab (dry)From S$90.00
Bee Hoon Crab SoupFrom S$90.00
Sanbal CrabFrom S$85.00
Laksa CrabFrom S$82.00
Spicy Mala CrabFrom S$85.00
Curry CrabFrom S$85.00
Crispy Bun (1 pc)S$0.80
Steamed Bun (1 pc)S$0.80

High Seafood Tower

Beauty in Seafood PotFrom S$318.00
Korean Seafood TowerFrom S$318.00

Set Menu

Set AS$218.00
Set BS$388.00
Set CS$488.00
Set DS$688.00
Set ES$868.00

Cold Platter

House Of Seafood Combination PlatterFrom S$68.00
Deluxe Lobster PlatterFrom S$168.00

Shark’s Fin

Braised Surperior Shark’s FinS$55.00
Braised Shark’s Fin w/ Crab MeatFrom S$48.00
Braised Shark’s Fin w/ Crab Meat & Dry ScallopFrom S$58.00

Sea Cucumber, Abalone

Braised Whole Abalone w/ Superior Oyster SauceS$55.00
Braised Sea Cucumber w/ Mushroom in ClaypotFrom S$48.00
Seafood CasseroleFrom S$48.00


Lobster Fruit SaladS$120.00
Lobster w/ Chef’s Superior BrothS$120.00
Steamed Lobster w/ Shredded Ginger & Chinese WineS$120.00
Garlic Steamed LobsterS$120.00


Steamed Bamboo Clams w/ Minced GarlicS$13.00


Drunken Prawns in ClaypotFrom S$28.00
Wok-fried Prawns w/ Fragrant butterFrom S$22.00
Wok-fried Prawns w/ Salted EggFrom S$22.00
Poached Live PrawnsFrom S$22.00
Steamed Prawns w/ Minced GarlicFrom S$22.00
Wok-fried Cereal PrawnsFrom S$22.00
Salad Prawns (de shelled)From S$22.00
Sweet & Sour Prawns (de shelled)From S$22.00
Sambal Prawns (de shelled)From S$22.00
Claypot Tang Hoon Prawn (dry)From S$28.00
Pan Fried PrawnsFrom S$22.00
Claypot Indonesia Spicy PrawnsFrom S$22.00


Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish w/ Soya SauceFrom S$70.00
Steamed Fish w/ Chef’s Special SauceFrom S$70.00
Thai Style Deep Fried FishFrom S$70.00
Teochew Style Steamed FishFrom S$70.00
Deep-Fried Fish w/ Sweet & Sour SauceFrom S$70.00
Crispy Fish Drizzled w/ Special Soya SauceFrom S$70.00
Fish Fillet w/ Ginger & Spring OnionFrom S$18.00
Fish Fillet w/ Sweet & Sour SauceFrom S$18.00
Steamed Cod Fish w/ GarlicS$48.00

Fish Head

Curry Fish HeadS$35.00
Claypot Fish HeadS$38.00
Stir-Fried Fish Head w/ Bitter Gourd in Black Bean SauceS$35.00

Exotic Seafood

Stir-Fried Lala w/ Sliced ChiliFrom S$16.00
Stir-Fried Lala w/ Sambal ChiliFrom S$16.00


Wok-Fried Black Pepper CrayfishS$60.00
Wok-Fried Cereal CrayfishS$60.00
Sambal CrayfishS$60.00

Soup & Broth

Fish Maw & Crab Meat BrothFrom S$38.00
Seafood Fish Maw SoupFrom S$18.00
Clear Tom Yum Seafood SoupFrom S$12.00
Seaweed Seafood SoupFrom S$12.00

Local Delights

Yam RingS$28.00
Homemade Prawn RollFrom S$14.00
Salted Egg Fish SkinFrom S$16.00
Deep-Fried Stuffed Dough w/ Cuttlefish PasteFrom S$14.00
Crispy Baby SquidFrom S$16.00
Salted Egg SotonFrom S$20.00
Hotplate Sambal SotongFrom S$20.00
Fish maw Crispy Prawn CakeFrom S$14.00


Pork Ribs w/ Chef’s Special SauceFrom S$20.00
Coffee Pork RibsFrom S$20.00
Sweet & Sour PorkFrom S$20.00
Braised Pork RibsFrom S$16.00
Salted Egg pork RibsFrom S$20.00
Stir-Fired Pork BellyFrom S$16.00


Sauteed Deer Meat w/ Ginger & Spring OnionFrom S$22.00
Deer Meet on Hot PlateFrom S$22.00


Crispy Chicken w/ Prawn PasteFrom S$18.00
Sauteed Diced Chicken w/ Dried ChiliFrom S$18.00
Mala Spicy ChickenFrom S$18.00
Taiwan 3 Cup chickenFrom S$18.00
Stir-fried Sweet & Sour Chicken w/ Ginger & pineappleFrom S$18.00


Sambal Kang KongFrom S$10.00
Sauteed De-Shelled Prawns w/ AsaparagusFrom S$24.00
Stired-Fried Asparagus w/ XO Sauce XOFrom S$18.00
Hong Kong Kailan w/ Minced GarlicFrom S$14.00
Sauteed Scallop w/ AsparagusFrom S$26.00
Sauteed Fresh Scallops w/ BroccoliFrom S$26.00
Stir-Fried French Bean w/ Dried ShrimpFrom S$14.00
Sauteed Green Pea ShootFrom S$14.00
Vegetarian DelightFrom S$14.00
BroccoliFrom S$14.00
Baby Green CabbageFrom S$14.00
Sauteed Spinach w/ MushroomFrom S$16.00
Green Dragon VegetableFrom S$14.00
Fried Chinese SpinanchFrom S$14.00
Stir Fried Four Heavenly KingFrom S$16.00
Sambal Sweet potato LeavesFrom S$10.00
Golden Eggs 3 Colour Amaranth VegetableFrom S$16.00


Oyster OmeletteFrom S$18.00
Fu Rong OmeletteFrom S$12.00
Fresh Prawn OmeletteFrom S$12.00
Cai Po OmeletteFrom S$12.00


Crispy Beancurd w/ Chef’s Special SauceFrom S$18.00
Braised Beancurd w/ Seafood in ClaypotFrom S$16.00
Braised Beancurd w/ Fresh Crab MeatFrom S$22.00
Beancurd on Sizzling Hot PlateFrom S$16.00
Beancurd w/ Minced Meat & Preserved VegetableS$16.00



Rice & Noodles

Seafood Fried RiceFrom S$14.00
Crab Meat Fried RiceFrom S$18.00
Silver Fish Fried RiceFrom S$12.00
Yang Chow Fried RiceFrom S$12.00
Egg Fried RiceFrom S$12.00
Braised EE-Fu Noodle w/ Mushroom & ChivesFrom S$14.00
Mee GorengFrom S$12.00
Hong Kong Style Fried NoodlesFrom S$12.00
Fried Vermicelli Noodles w/ Fresh Crab MeatFrom S$20.00
Fried Longevity Noodle (dry)From S$28.00
Hor Fun w/ Assorted SeafoodFrom S$12.00
Famous Teo Chew Fried Kway Teow w/ Cai PoFrom S$12.00
Bee Hoon w/ Assorted SeafoodFrom S$12.00
House Special Fried White Bee Hoon w/ XO SauceFrom S$12.00
Live Lobster PorridgeS$120.00
Plain RiceS$1.00


BBQ StingrayS$28.00
BBQ PrawnS$28.00
BBQ SotongS$28.00
BBQ LalaS$20.00
BBQ Seafood PlatterS$158.00

Dim Sum Menu

BBQ Pork PauS$4.80
Salted Egg Custard PauS$4.80
Xiao Long Bao (chicken)S$5.80
Steamed Crystal Prawn DumplingS$5.80
Fried Prawn DumplingS$5.80
Fried Spring RollS$3.80
Siew MaiS$4.80
Steamed Beancurd Skin Roll w/ Oyster SauceS$4.80
Pan Fried Carrot CakeS$3.90
Steamed Chicken w/ MushroomS$4.80
Steamed Phoenix ClawsS$4.80
Mini Bunny PauS$3.80
Chee Cheong FanS$5.80
Crystal DumplingS$5.80
Shark Fin DumplingS$5.80
Mango RollS$5.80
Steamed Prawn Rice RollS$6.80
Scallop DumplingS$5.80
Spinach DumplingS$4.80
Steamed Pork Ribs w/ Black Bean SauceS$5.80
Chive DumplingS$4.80
Glutinous RiceS$4.80
Oriental Dumplings w/ Black Vinegar & Chilli OilS$4.80
Enoki Mushroom DumplingS$4.80
Deep Fried Charcoal You TiaoS$5.80
Fried Beancurd Skin RollS$5.80
Pan-fried GyozaS$4.80
XO Carrot Cake xoS$14.00
Triangle Fish BeancurdS$3.80

FROZEN Ready to Eat Crab

Vacuum Packed Black Pepper CrabS$59.90
Vacuum Packed Salted Egg CrabS$59.90
Vacuum Packed Chilli CrabS$59.90
Vacuum Packed Black PepperSaucesS$9.90
Vacuum Packed Chilli SaucesS$9.90
Vacuum Packed Salted Egg SaucesS$9.90


Homemade Fresh Mango PuddingS$5.00
Longan w/ Sea CoconutFrom S$12.00
Sweetened Yam Paste w/ Ginko NutFrom S$15.00
Ice Jelly Honey LimeS$5.00
Fresh Fruit PlatterFrom S$10.00
Cold Peach Gum w/ Red Dates & White FungusS$5.00

Homemade Bottled Drinks

Luo HanS$2.80


Tiger BeerS$13.00
Heineken BeerS$14.00
Guinness StoutS$12.00

Canned Drinks/Hot Drinks

Coke LightS$3.80
Coca ColaS$3.80
100 PlusS$3.80
Green TeaS$3.80
Canned Crysanthenum TeaS$3.80
Mineral WaterS$2.00

Healthy Drinks

Homemade Famous Luohan DrinkS$3.80
Homemade BarleyS$3.80
Fresh Lime JuiceS$3.80
Fresh Thai CoconutS$6.00
Homemade Ice Lemon TeaS$3.80
Homemade Natural Aloe VeraS$3.80

Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juices

Orange JuiceS$6.00
Watermelon JuiceS$6.00
Green Apple JuiceS$6.00


Minced GarlicS$0.00
XO SauceS$0.00

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Is House of Seafood Halal?

No, House of Seafood is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What type of food is House of Seafood?

The main food served at House of Seafood outlets is Seafood.

What are the House of Seafood menu prices?

The price range of House of Seafood items varies between S$1.00 to S$868.00.

Does House of Seafood offer delivery services?

House of Seafood offers food delivery through, GrabFood,, and