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Best Items on Ice Lab Singapore Menu

The most popular items from the Ice Lab shop are Injeolmi Toast, Mango Bingsu, Watermelon Bingsu, Milk Bingsu, Strawberry Chocolate Toast Set, Ice Cream Toast, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Blueberry Yoghurt Shake, Green Grape Ade, and Turkey Cranberry Sandwich.

Ice Lab Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Ice Lab with a price list has nine categories: Set Menu, Bingsu, Toasts, Cakes, Snow Shakes, Ades, Chills, Coffee, Latte, & Tea, and Snacks & Eats.

Set Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Traffic LightS$28
Korea SetS$22
Single Bingsu SetS$20
Double Bingsu SetS$28
Double Dessert Bingsu SetS$36
Family SetS$38
Butter Sugar Toast SetS$8
Honey Toast SetS$15
Strawberry Chocolate Toast SetS$18
Ice Cream Toast SetS$18
Brownie SetS$15
Chocolate Melt SetS$15


Milk BingsuFrom S$9
Traditional BingsuFrom S$12
InjeolmiFrom S$12
Matcha Bingsu MatchaFrom S$10 
Hojicha BingsuFrom S$11
Tea BingsuFrom S$11
Oreo BingsuFrom S$10
DalgonaFrom S$11
Chocolate BingsuFrom S$11
Yoghurt BingsuFrom S$11
Taro Bingsu TaroFrom S$10
Cheese BingsuFrom S$12
Tiramisu BingsuFrom S$13
Tutti Frutti BingsuFrom S$11
Mango BingsuFrom S$11
Strawberry BingsuFrom S$12
Watermelon BingsuFrom S$11
Lemon BingsuFrom S$10
Green Grape BingsuFrom S$10
Apple Mango BingsuFrom S$10


Ice Cream ToastS$13
Injeolmi ToastS$6
Strawberry Choco ToastS$14
Honey ToastS$10
Butter Sugar ToastS$3.5


Crème Brûlée Cheese CakeS$8
Chocolate MeltS$10
Chocolate Fudge CakeS$8
Apple Mango CrumbleS$10
Tiramisu CakeS$10
Seasonal CakeS$8

Snow Shakes

Strawberry ShakeS$9
Chocolate ShakeS$9
Blueberry Yoghurt ShakeS$9
Mango Yoghurt ShakeS$9
Mango Coconut ShakeS$9
Java Chip ShakeS$9


Lemon AdeS$7
Green Grape AdeS$7
Mango AdeS$7
Apple AdeS$7
Blue Ocean AdeS$7
Strawberry AdeS$7


Iced Passionfruit & Lavender TeaS$7
Iced Lychee TeaS$7

Coffee, Latte, & Tea

Long BlackS$5
Single EspressoS$4
Double EspressoS $4.5
Cafe LatteS$6
Cafe MochaS$6.5
CappuccinoS $6
Vanilla LatteS$6.5
Caramel LatteS$6.5
Chocolate LatteS$6
Green Tea LatteS$6
Injeolmi LatteS$6
Hojicha LatteS$6
Sweet Potato LatteS$6
Earl Gray LatteS$6
Mint Chocolate LatteS$6
Spiced Chai LatteS$6.5
English BreakfastS$5
Earl Gray S$5
Jasmine S$5
Lemon & GingerS$5
Strawberry & KiwiS$5

Snacks & Eats

Korean Ramen (Spicy/Non-spicy)S$8
Kimchi Fried RiceS$8
Turkey Cranberry SandwichS$6
Tortilla Chips and Spicy SauceS$6
Icelab PancakeS$12