Josh’s Grill Menu

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Best Food on Josh’s Grill Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Josh’s Grill restaurant are Ribeye With Beef Sauce, Sirloin With Beef Sauce, Char-Grill Chicken Chop With Mushroom Cream Sauce, Char-Grill Chicken Chop With Black Pepper Sauce, Black Pepper Sirloin, and Tenderloin With Beef Sauce.

Josh’s Grill Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Josh’s Grill with a price list has ten categories: Appetizers, Steak & Lamb, Chicken Farm, By The Sea, Classic Combos, Pasta Favourites, Hot Sides, Cold Sides, Desserts, and Beverage.


Menu ItemsPrices
Mushroom SoupS$7.60
Tomato SoupS$6.31
Classic Caesar SaladS$10.17
Garlic ToastS$5.03
Chicken Wings (2 pcs)S$7.60
Cheesy Fries with Spicy Chicken BitsS$11.45
Fried Assorted Mushroom with Homemade Tartar SauceS$7.60
Truffle Fries with Cheese SnowS$12.73
Beef Meatball with Smokey BBQ Sauce (6 pcs)S$10.17

Steak & Lamb

T-Bone Steak with Beef Sauce (600g) for 2 paxS$80.79
AU Porterhouse with Beef Sauce (750g) for 3 paxS$102.61
Tomahawk Steak with Beef Sauce (1.3kg) for 4 paxS$179.65
Sirloin with Beef Sauce (200g)S$30.71
Black Pepper Sirloin (200g)S$30.71
Ribeye with Beef Sauce (200g)S$33.28
Tenderloin with Beef Sauce (200g)S$40.98
Wagyu Ribeye with Beef Sauce (200g)S$76.93
Lamb Ribs with BBQ SauceS$33.28
Beef Meatballs with Mixed Berries Sauce (10 pcs)S$21.72

Chicken Farm

Char-grill Chicken Chop with Homemade Onion SauceS$16.59
Char-grill Chicken Chop with Mushroom Cream SauceS$16.59
Char-grill Chicken Chop with Black Pepper SauceS$16.59
Char-grill Spicy Chicken Chop with Homemade Dynamite SauceS$16.59
Char-grill Chicken Chop with Mixed Berries SauceS$16.59
Char-grill Chicken Chop with Smokey BBQ SauceS$16.59

By The Sea

Pan-fry Dory Fish with Citrus CreamS$19.15
Char-grill Salmon Steak with Citrus CreamS$24.29
Char-grill Sea Bass with Seafood Cream SauceS$23.01

Classic Combos

Char-grill Chicken Chop & Chicken Cheese SausageS$25.57
Char-grill Chicken Chop & Dory FishS$25.57
Char-grill Chicken Chop & Jumbo PrawnS$34.56
Sirloin Beef & Chicken Cheese SausageS$43.55
Sirloin Beef & Dory FishS$43.55
Sirloin Beef & Jumbo PrawnS$49.97

Pasta Favourites

Chicken Aglio OlioS$15.30
Prawn Aglio OlioS$23.01
Chicken CarbonaraS$16.59
Chicken Truffle Alfredo PastaS$17.87
Spicy Chicken Sausage PastaS$16.59
Sauté Flower Clam PastaS$19.15
Beef Oxtail Pasta with Tomato SauceS$21.72

Hot Sides

French FriesS$5.78
Baked Potato with Sour Cream & ButterS$5.78
Mash PotatoS$5.78
Cheesy Butter RiceS$5.78
Baked Onion Rice with Crushed AlmondsS$5.78
Mac & CheeseS$5.78
Mala Broccoli with Crushed PeanutsS$5.78
Grilled Corn on the CobS$5.78
Sauté Brussels SproutsS$5.78
Country Baked BeansS$5.78
Truffle Mash PotatoS$8.35

Cold Sides

Cold SpaghettiS$5.78
Mesclun SaladS$6.42
Coleslaw SaladS$5.78
Green Mango & Pineapple SaladS$5.78
Homemade Potato SaladS$5.78


Mango Milk PuddingS$6.31
Burnt Cheese Cake (1 Slice)S$7.60
Black Sesame Cheese Cake (By the Slice)S$8.88


Coke ZeroS$3.75