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Best Food on JWS Grille Factory Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from JWS Grille Factory restaurant are Prawn & Shimeji Spaghetti, Flame Grilled Chicken With Black Pepper Sauce, Chicken & Fish, Popcorn Chicken, and Flame Grilled Chicken With Mushroom Sauce.

JWS Grille Factory Menu with Prices

The complete menu of JWS Grille Factory with a price list has eleven categories: Combo Sets, Combo, Sizzling, Grilled & Fried Specialties, Oven Baked, Pan Work, Hot Work, Fisherman’s Cove, Burgers, Plant Based Selection, and Snacks & Mini Meals.

Combo Sets

Menu ItemsPrices
Combo Set 1S$33.90
Combo Set 2S$28.90
Combo Set 3S$27.50
Combo Set 4S$39.90
Combo Set 5S$21.90


Chicken & 1/2 Pork RibsFrom S$17.90
Fish & 1/2 Pork RibsFrom S$17.90
Chicken & FishFrom S$17.90
Double ChickenFrom S$17.90


Cheese Mania ChickenFrom S$13.90
Cheesy Beef Patty With BaconFrom S$13.90
NZ Grassfed Sirloin SteakFrom S$17.90
NZ Grassfed Ribeye SteakFrom S$20.90
JWS Grilled PlatterFrom S$20.90
NZ Grassfed Sirloin Steak & 1/2 Pork RibsFrom S$23.90
NZ Grassfed Ribeye Steak & 1/2 Pork RibsFrom S$27.90

Grilled & Fried Specialties

Flame Grilled Chicken With Mushroom SauceFrom S$10.90
Flame Grilled Chicken With Black Pepper SauceFrom S$10.90
Chicken CutletFrom S$10.90
Spicy Cheesy Crispy ChickenFrom S$12.50
Hawaiian ChickenFrom S$12.50
Chicken ParmigianaFrom S$12.50
Signature Spicy Cheesy ChickenFrom S$12.50
Black Pepper Spanish Pork LoinFrom S$12.50
Half Spring ChickenFrom S$9.90
Spring ChickenFrom S$16.90
Flame Grilled Pork RibsFrom S$17.90

Oven Baked

SausageFrom S$11.50
ChickenFrom S$11.50
HawaiianFrom S$10.50
SeafoodFrom S$11.50
Bacon & ShimejiFrom S$11.50
SalmonFrom S$13.90

Pan Work

Ham & Shimeji SpaghettiFrom S$10.90
Chicken & Broccoli SpaghettiFrom S$10.90
Sausage & Shimeji SpaghettiFrom S$10.90
Prawn & Shimeji SpaghettiFrom S$11.50
Bacon & Shimeji SpaghettiFrom S$11.50
Grilled Chicken Chop & Shimeji SpaghettiFrom S$12.50
Grilled Fish & Shimeji SpaghettiFrom S$12.50
Grilled Spanish Pork Loin & Shimeji SpaghettiFrom S$12.50
Flame Grilled Salmon & Shimeji SpaghettiFrom S$17.90

Hot Work

Western Fried RiceS$7.50
Fried Rice with Chicken WingS$8.90
Fried Rice With Italian SausageS$9.90
Fried Rice With Grilled ChickenS$9.90
Fried Rice With Chicken CutletS$9.90
Fried Rice With Fish FilletS$9.90
Fried Rice With Spanish Pork LoinS$9.90
Fried Rice With Salmon FilletS$12.90
Fried Rice with 1/2 Pork Ribs + EggS$13.50

Fisherman’s Cove

Grilled Fish With Italian HerbsFrom S$11.50
Grilled Fish With Black Pepper SauceFrom S$11.50
Fish & ChipsFrom S$11.50
Grilled Fish With Tomato SalsaFrom S$12.90
Spicy Cheesy Grilled FishFrom S$12.90
Flame Grilled Salmon FilletFrom S$17.90


Tartar Fish BurgerFrom S$10.90
Teriyaki Chicken BurgerFrom S$10.90
Signature Chicken BurgerFrom S$10.90
Spicy Cheesy Chicken BurgerFrom S$10.90
Hawaiian Pork BurgerFrom S$12.50
Monster Beef BurgerFrom S$12.50
Signature Spicy Cheesy Beef BurgerFrom S$12.90
Lava Cheese Crispy Chicken BurgerFrom S$13.90
Lava Cheese Pork BurgerFrom S$14.90
 Lava Cheese Monster Beef BurgerFrom S$14.90
Mountain Beef BurgerFrom S$16.90

Plant Based Selection

No Meatball with Tomato SauceS$8.90
Nomeatball & Shimeji Fried Rice + EggS$9.90
Nobeef Patty Fried Rice + EggS$9.90
Nomeatball & Shimejin SpaghettiS$11.50
Nobeef BurgerS$11.50
Nomeatball BakedS$11.50

Snacks & Mini Meals

Mac & CheeseS$4.50
Mashed PotatoS$4.50
Baked BeansS$4.50
French FriesS$4.50
Sweet Potato FriesS$5.90
Onion RingsS$4.50
Cheesy Broccoli & CornS$4.50
Croquettes MaestroS$5.90
Popcorn ChickenS$6.50
Nuggets & 1 Side DishS$6.50
Fish & 1 Side DishS$6.50
2 pcs Chicken Wings & 1 Side DishS$6.50
Curry FriesS$6.50
Tartar FriesS$6.50
Tomyam FriesS$6.50
Yuzu FriesS$6.50
Cream Cheese FriesS$6.50
Cheese FriesS$6.50
Chicken WingS$2.00
1/2 Dozen Chicken WingS$10.90

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.