Kimly Dim Sum Menu

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Best Food on Kimly Dim Sum Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Kimly Dim Sum restaurant are Lotus Paste Pau, Century Egg Pork Porridge, Xiang Xi Dumpling, Bean Paste Sesame Ball, Chee Cheong Fun (Char Siew), and Chicken Claw.

Kimly Dim Sum Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Kimly Dim Sum with a price list has five categories: Pau, Steamed Dim Sum, Fried Dim Sum, Local Favourites, and Drinks.


Menu ItemsPrices
Kimly Curry PauS$1.30
Bak Kwa PauS$1.30
Big Pau – PorkS$2.10
Char Siew Pau (2 pcs)S$1.70
Bean Paste PauS$1.20
Lotus Paste PauS$1.20
Chicken PauS$1.20
Vegetable PauS$1.20
Corn Custard PauS$1.20
Coffee PauS$1.20

Steamed Dim Sum

Siew Mai (3 pcs)S$2.60
Prawn Dumpling (3 pcs)S$2.80
Xiang Xi Dumpling (3 pcs)S$2.60
Chive Dumpling (3 pcs)S$2.60
Prawn Feng Guo (3 pcs)S$2.60
Spinach Dumpling (3 pcs)S$2.80

Fried Dim Sum

Spring RollS$1.20
Fried Yam DumplingS$1.20
Fried Prawn DumplingS$1.20
Xian Zhu RollS$1.20
Fried Sotong RollS$1.20
Sesame BallS$1.20
Bean Paste Sesame BallS$1.20

Local Favourites

Chicken Glutinous RiceS$2.50
Wrapped ChickenS$1.80
Fried Carrot CakeS$1.20
Steamed Yam CakeS$2.60
Chee Cheong Fun (Prawn)S$2.70
Chee Cheong Fun (Char Siew)S$2.70
Chicken ClawS$2.60
Steamed Pork RibsS$2.60
Century Egg Pork PorridgeS$3.40


Pepsi BlackS$1.80
Green TeaS$1.80
Chrysanthemum teaS$1.80
Coke ZeroS$1.80
Heaven & Earth Jasmine Green TeaS$1.80
Authentic Tea House Da Hong Pao Oolong TeaS$1.80

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