Koo Kee Menu

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Best Food on Koo Kee Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Koo Kee restaurant are Hot Plate Bean Paste Yong Tow Foo with Rice, Braised Bitter Gourd with Black Bean Sauce, Sze Chuan Vegetable with Pork Ribs, and Steamed Pork Pate with Salted Fish.

Koo Kee Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Koo Kee with a price list has six categories: Koo Kee, Side Dishes, Steamed Gourmet, Beverages, Add-On, and Hot Dessert.

Koo Kee

Menu ItemsPrices
Koo Kee Set MealS$8.80
Koo Kee Special NoodleS$7.20
Laksa Yong Tow FooS$7.20
Kway Teo w/ Bee Hoon SoupS$7.20
Yong Tow Foo SoupS$7.20
Hot Plate Bean Paste Yong Tow Foo w/ RiceS$7.80
Hot Plate Spicy Yong Tow Foo w/ RiceS$7.80
Hot Plate Spicy Mee Tai MakS$7.80

Side Dishes

Chee Cheong Fun (2 pcs)S$3.80
Chee Cheong Fun w/ Minced ChickenS$4.80
Chee Cheong Fun w/ Spicy SauceS$4.80
Thai Style Fried Bean CurdS$5.50
Hong Kong Style Fried Bean CurdS$5.50
Vegetables w/ Fermented Bean SauceS$4.80
Braised Cabbage w/ Oyster SauceS$3.80
Braised PeanutsS$3.80
Braised Bitter Gourd w/ Black Bean SauceS$3.80
Salted VegetablesS$3.80

Steamed Gourmet

Signature (Sausage, Chicken& Mushroom)S$8.20
Steamed Sliced Fish w/ Homemade SauceS$7.50
Steamed Pork Pate w/ Lotus RootS$6.00
Steamed Sliced Fish w/ Assam SauceS$7.50
Steamed Chicken w/ Homemade SauceS$7.00
Steamed Pork Ribs w/ Black Bean SauceS$6.00
Steamed Tofu w/ Minced MeatS$5.00
Steamed Pork Pate w/ Salted FishS$7.00
Steamed Tofu w/ Fish PasteS$5.00
Steamed Egg w/ Minced MeatS$4.80
Steamed Pork Pate w/ Mui ChoyS$6.00
Old Cucumber Soup w/ Pork RibsS$6.80
Watercress Soup w/ Pork RibsS$6.80
ABC Soup w/ Pork RibsS$6.80
Lotus Root Soup w/ Pork RibsS$6.80
Sze Chuan Vegetable w/ Pork RibsS$6.80
Signature Ginseng Chicken SoupS$8.80
Braised Cabbage w/ Oyster SauceS$3.50
Braised PeanutsS$3.50
Braised Bitter Gourd w/ Black Bean SauceS$3.50
Salted VegetablesS$3.50


Tangerine w/ Sour PlumS$3.80
Green TeaS$2.80
Peach TeaS$2.80
Soybean MilkS$3.00
Thai Iced Milk TeaS$3.80


Noodles w/ Minced MeatS$3.00
Rice w/ Minced MeatS$3.00
Thai Fragrant White RiceS$1.50
Healthy Brown RiceS$1.50

Hot Dessert

Black Glutinous RiceS$3.50
Cheng TengS$3.50
Bean Curd Skin DessertS$3.50

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Koo Kee Halal?

No, Koo Kee is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What type of food is Koo Kee?

The main cuisine served at Koo Kee outlets is Chinese.

What are the Koo Kee menu prices?

The price range of Koo Kee items varies between S$1.50 to S$8.80.

Does Koo Kee offer delivery services?

Koo Kee offers food delivery through Oddle.me, Deliveroo.com.sg, Foodpanda.sg, and GrabFood.