Kota88 Restaurant Menu

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Best Food on Kota88 Restaurant Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Kota88 restaurant are Bihun Goreng Spesial Kota88, Mie Keriting Ayam Komplit Special, Udang Goreng Cabe Garam, Kodok Goreng Kungpao, and Cah Po Cai Kulit Tahu.

Kota88 Restaurant Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Kota88 Restaurant with a price list has twelve categories: Set Menu, House Specialty, Wok Fried, Noodles, Seafood, Roasted Delights, Meats, Vegetables, Soup, Sides, Add Ons, and Drinks.

Set Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Pantjoran Set (2-3 Pax)S$78.88
Mangga Dua Set (4-5 Pax)S$178.88

House Specialty

Nasi Campur BabiFrom S$23.88
Sate Babi (10 Sticks)From S$23.88

Wok Fried

Nasi Goreng Spesial Kota88S$18.88
Nasi Goreng AyamS$15.88
Nasi Goreng Babi PeteS$15.88
Bihun Goreng Spesial Kota88S$18.88
Bihun Goreng AyamS$15.88
Bihun Goreng SapiS$15.88
Kwetiau Goreng Spesial Kota88S$18.88
Kwetiau Goreng AyamS$15.88
Kwetiau Goreng SapiS$15.88
Mie Goreng Spesial Kota88S$15.88
Mie Goreng AyamS$15.88
Mie Goreng SapiS$15.88


Mie Keriting Babi Komplit SpesialS$15.88
Mie Keriting Ayam Komplit SpecialS$15.88
Mie Yamin Babi Komplit SpecialS$15.88
Mie Yamin Ayam Komplit SpecialS$15.88
Mie Keriting Babi HongS$15.88
Mie Yamin Babi HongS$15.88


Ikan Goreng Asam ManisS$22.88
Ikan Saus Padang (whole fish)S$66.88
Ikan Saus Mentega (whole fish)S$66.88
Udang KungpaoS$35.88
Udang Goreng MentegaS$35.88
Udang Saus PadangS$35.88
Udang Saus InggrisS$35.88
Udang Goreng TepungS$35.88
Udang Goreng Cabe GaramS$35.88
Kerang Saus PadangS$30.88
Cumi Saus PadangS$35.88
Cumi Saus InggrisS$35.88
Cumi Saus MentegaS$35.88
Cumi Goreng KungpaoS$35.88
Cumi Goreng TepungS$35.88
Cumi Goreng Cabe GaramS$35.88

Roasted Delights

Cha Sio (200g)S$33.88
Sio Bak (200g)S$33.88
Kombo Cha Sio (100g) & Sio Bak (100g)S$39.88
1/2 Ayam PanggangS$30.88
Ayam PanggangS$58.88
1/2 Bebek PanggangS$36.88
Bebek PanggangS$69.88


Ayam KolokeS$19.88
Ayam KungpaoS$19.88
Ayam NankingS$19.88
Ayam Saus MentegaS$35.88
Ayam Saus InggrisS$35.88
Babi Asam ManisS$19.88
Babi Kecap Cah PeteS$20.88
Babi HongS$23.88
Sapi Cah Sayur AsinS$20.88
Sapi Cah PareS$20.88
Kodok Suas InggrisS$30.88
Kodok Saus MentegaS$30.88
Kodok Goreng KungpaoS$30.88


Tauge Cah Ikan AsinS$14.88
Cah Tao MiaoS$14.88
Cah Baby KailanS$14.88
Cah Kacang Panjang Ebi TerasiS$16.88
Cah Po Cai Kulit TahuS$16.88
Tahu Goreng Asam ManisS$11.88
Baby Kailan Saos TiramS$14.88
Cap CaiS$19.88


Sup BaikutS$23.88
Sup Asparagus KepitingS$28.88


Fu Yung HaiS$19.88
Sapo TahuS$23.88
Mun TahuS$19.88
Ngo HiangS$15.88
Pangsit Goreng (5 pcs)S$8.88
Pangsit Kuah (5 pcs)S$8.88

Add Ons

Nasi PutihS$2.88
Nasi AyamS$3.88


Teh BotolS$3.88
Teh Botol Less SugarS$3.88
Mineral WaterS$3.88
Coke ZeroS$3.88
Ginger AleS$3.88

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