La Fez Menu

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Best Food on La Fez Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from La Fez restaurant are Shakshuka Tagine with Eggs & Feta Cheese, Seafood Harissa, Lamb Tagine, Marrakesh Dip Platter, Zaouia Calamares, Chicken Tagine, Barramundi Fish Shakshuka, Lambshank Harissa, and Mandi Rice Beef.

La Fez Menu with Prices

The complete menu of La Fez Cafe & Bakery with a price list has seven categories: Appetizers, La Fez Tagines, La Fez Signatures, Bundle Sets, Cosy Comforts, Salads & Such, and Sides.


Menu ItemsPrices
Kasbah FalafelFrom S$15.00
Marrakesh Dip PlatterS$20.00
Zaouia CalamaresS$19.00

La Fez Tagines

Shakshuka Tagine with Eggs & Feta CheeseS$20.00
Meatball Shakshuka (Beef)S$22.00
Lamb TagineS$23.00
Chicken Tagine – TymaS$20.00
Barramundi Fish ShakshukaS$20.00
Vegetarian TagineS$20.00

La Fez Signatures

Seafood HarissaS$33.00
Chicken Shawarma & AvocadoS$20.00
Lamb Shawarma & AvocadoS$20.00
Lambshank HarissaS$35.00
Mandi Rice BeefS$25.00
Mandi Rice ChickenS$20.00

Bundle Sets

Mandi Rice Set A: Lamb, Beef & ChickenS$148.00
Mandi Rice Set B: Lamb Shank, Barramundi & ChickenS$128.00

Cosy Comforts

Steak FritesS$28.00
Fish & ChipsS$20.00
Lamb RackS$29.00

Salads & Such

Sahara Roasted CauliflowerS$20.00
Eggplant & Zucchini Warm SaladS$16.00
Garden SaladFrom S$18.00


Grilled Pita Bread (2 slices)S$6.00
Mandi RiceS$6.00
Mansaf RiceS$6.00