Lai Huat Signatures Menu

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Best Food on Lai Huat Signatures Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Lai Huat Signatures restaurant are Crayfish with Salted Egg Cream Sauce, Steamed Red Grouper Fish, Homemade Prawn Roll, Cereal Prawn with Egg Floss, and Sotong with Salted Egg Cream Sauce.

Lai Huat Signatures Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Lai Huat Signatures with a price list has twenty two categories: Family Set, Claypot Curry Fish Head Set, Bento Set with Free Homemade Drink, Signature Crab, Crayfish, Fish, Deep Fried Snack, Seafood, Prawn, Sotong, La La, Chicken, Pork, Tofu, Omelette, Vegetable, Soup, Noodle, Fried Rice, Dessert, Beverage, and Add Ons.

Family Set

Menu ItemsPrices
Family Set AS$78.21
Family SetS$95.46
Family Set CS$147.21
Premium Family Set DS$376.36

Claypot Curry Fish Head Set

Claypot Curry Fish Head Set AS$87.41
Claypot Curry Fish Head Set BS$118.69

Bento Set with Free Homemade Drink

Chicken Bento SetS$16.25
Fried Rice Bento SetS$16.25
Noodles Bento SetS$16.25
Pork Bento SetS$16.25
Executive Bento SetS$24.05

Signature Crab

Signature CrabS$138.88
XO Signature Crab Bee Hoon SoupS$98.18


Crayfish w/ Black PepperFrom S$43.70
Crayfish w/ Chili SauceFrom S$43.70
Crayfish w/ Five Spice GarliFrom S$43.70
Crayfish w/ Ginger & OnionFrom S$43.70
Crayfish w/ Salted Egg Cream SauceFrom S$43.70
Crayfish w/ White PepperFrom S$43.70


Lai Huat Sambal FishS$43.70
Claypot Curry Fish HeadS$37.95
Braised Fish Head w/ Bitter Gourd & Black Bean PasteS$37.95
Steamed Soon Hock FishS$108.28
Steamed Red Grouper FishS$118.28
Sliced Fish w/ Ginger & OnionFrom S$18.40
Sliced Fish w/ Dried ChiliFrom S$18.40
Sliced Fish w/ Kai LanFrom S$18.40
Sliced Fish w/ Sweet & Sour SauceFrom S$18.40
Sliced Fish w/ Black PepperFrom S$18.40
Sliced Fish w/ Bitter GourdFrom S$18.40

Deep Fried Snack

Hakka Fried MeatFrom S$18.40
Homemade Prawn RollFrom S$18.40
Fish Roe Fortune BagFrom S$18.40


Claypot Seafood CombinationFrom S$43.70
Claypot Braised Sea Cucumber w/ MushroomFrom S$28.75
Claypot Braised Sea Cucumber w/ AbaloneFrom S$55.21


Pan Fried PrawnFrom S$25.31
Cereal Prawn w/ Egg FlossFrom S$25.31
Prawn w/ Chilli SauceFrom S$25.31
Prawn w/ Salted Egg Cream SauceFrom S$25.31
Prawn w/ MarmiteFrom S$25.31
Poached PrawnFrom S$25.31
Prawn w/ SambalFrom S$25.31


Sotong w/ Salted Egg Cream SauceFrom S$18.40
Cereal Sotong w/ Egg FlossFrom S$18.40
Sotong w/ SambalFrom S$18.40
Signature Baby SquidFrom S$18.40

La La

La La w/ Superior StockFrom S$18.40
La La w/ Fragrant SauceFrom S$18.40
La La w/ SambalFrom S$18.40
La La w/ Ginger & OnionFrom S$18.40


Chicken w/ Salted Egg Cream SauceFrom S$17.25
Chicken w/ Butter Cream SauceFrom S$17.25
Diced Chicken w/ Dried ChiliFrom S$17.25
Chicken w/ Prawn PasteFrom S$17.25
Chicken w/ SambalFrom S$17.25
Chicken w/ Sweet & Sour SauceFrom S$17.25
Chicken w/ Black PepperFrom S$17.25


Fragrant Pork Ribs w/ GarlicFrom S$17.25
Coffee Pork Ribs w/ Honey GlazeFrom S$17.25
Pork Ribs w/ Salted Egg Cream SauceFrom S$17.25
Pork w/ Sweet & Sour SauceFrom S$17.25
Pork w/ Shredded GingerFrom S$17.25
Imperial Pork RibsFrom S$17.25
Pork w/ Butter Cream SauceFrom S$17.25
Hokkien-Style Kong Bak PauFrom S$17.25
Pork w/ CurryFrom S$17.25
Pork w/ Black PepperFrom S$17.25
Pork w/ SambalFrom S$17.25


Claypot Tofu w/ Sea CucumberFrom S$28.76
Claypot Tofu w/ PrawnFrom S$25.31
Tofu w/ Crab Meat & Egg WhiteFrom S$17.25
Tofu w/ Cai PuFrom S$17.25
Claypot Braised TofuFrom S$17.25
Thai Style Fried BeancurdFrom S$17.25


Fu Yong OmeletteFrom S$11.50
Bitter Gourd OmeletteFrom S$11.50
Cai Pu OmeletteFrom S$11.50
Onion OmeletteFrom S$11.50
Shrimp OmeletteFrom S$11.50
Minced Meat OmeletteFrom S$11.50


Broccoli w/ ScallopFrom S$20.70
Qing Long Sprout w/ Bean SproutFrom S$14.94
Seasonal Vegetable w/ Macadamia NutsFrom S$14.94
Amaranth w/ Trio EggsFrom S$14.94
Hong Kong Kai Lan w/ Pork FlossFrom S$14.94
Bitter Gourd w/Black Bean SauceFrom S$14.94
Nai Bai w/ Crispy Enoki MushroomFrom S$14.94
Kang Kong w/ SambalFrom S$14.94
Bean Sprout w/ Salted FishFrom S$14.94


Crab Meat w/ Fish Maw PottageFrom S$28.75
Salted Vegetable w/ Tofu & Seafood SoupFrom S$13.80
Seaweed w/ Tofu SoupFrom S$13.80
Seafood w/ Tofu SoupFrom S$13.80
Bitter Gourd Seafood SoupFrom S$13.80
Bitter Gourd Sliced Fish SoupFrom S$13.80


La La White Bee HoonFrom S$18.40
Hor Fun w/ Large Prawns & EggFrom S$18.40
Boss’s Mee SuaFrom S$11.50
Seafood Hor Fun w/ EggFrom S$11.50
Pork Trotters Bee HoonFrom S$18.40
Sliced Fish Hor FunFrom S$11.50
Seafood Bee Hoon w/ EggFrom S$11.50
Seafood Mee GorengFrom S$11.50
Singapore Style Bee HoonFrom S$11.50
Fried Sliced Fish Bee Hoon SoupFrom S$11.50

Fried Rice

XO Fried Rice w/ Large Prawn XOFrom S$18.40
Seafood Fried RiceFrom S$11.50
Diced Chicken Fried RiceFrom S$11.50
Sambal Seafood Fried RiceFrom S$11.50
Salted Fish Fried RiceFrom S$11.50
Vegetarian Fried RiceFrom S$11.50


Ice Jelly w/ LonganS$4.60
Yam Paste w/ Ginko NutS$4.60
Longevity Bun (6 pcs)S$6.90
Osmanthus JellyS$4.00


Sour Plum JuiceS$4.05
Pu Er TeaS$4.05
Calamansi JuiceS$4.05
Tie Guan Yin TeaS$4.05
Chrysanthemum TeaS$4.05
White CoffeeS$4.05
Coke LightS$4.05
Coke ZeroS$4.05
100 PlusS$4.05
Green TeaS$4.05
Oolong TeaS$4.05
Siam CoconutS$6.90
Mineral WaterS$2.88
Carlsberg Pilsner (320ml)S$9.20
Asahi Super Dry (350ml)S$10.35
Guinness Stout (320ml)S$10.35

Add Ons

Steam Rice (per bowl)S$1.73
Sunny EggS$1.73
Deep Fried/Steamed Mini Bun (6 pcs)S$5.55

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Lai Huat Signatures Halal?

No, Lai Huat Signatures is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What type of food is Lai Huat Signatures?

The main cuisine served at Lai Huat Signatures outlets is Chinese.

What are the Lai Huat Signatures menu prices?

The price range of Lai Huat Signatures items varies between S$1.73 to S$376.36.

Does Lai Huat Signatures offer delivery services?

Lai Huat Signatures offers food delivery through GrabFood,,, and