Lotus Vegetarian Menu

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Best Food on Lotus Vegetarian Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Lotus Vegetarian restaurant are Tom Yam Fried Kway Tiao, Wakame Salad with Wafu Dressing, Chinese Spinach & Tofu Thick Soup, and Wild Mushroom Crystal Dumplings.

Lotus Vegetarian Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Lotus Vegetarian with a price list has fourteen categories: Sharing Platters, Mini Buffet, Set Meals, Local Flavour Foodfare, Premium Bentos Set, Appetizers, Soups, Handcrafted Dim Sum, Veg Seafood Series, Tofu Series, Veg Soya Meat Series, Mushroom Series, Vegetables, and Noodles & Rice.

Sharing Platters

Menu ItemsPrices
Dim Sum Sharing PlatterS$32.80
Signature Sharing PlatterS$32.80

Mini Buffet

8 Course Mini Buffet For 10 paxFrom S$208.00

Set Meals

9-Course Family Feast 9S$88.80

Local Flavour Foodfare

Lotus Signature Veg Chicken Rice with Alchemy FibreS$9.90
Blue Pea Flower Nasi Lemak with Alchemy FibreS$9.90
Homemade Satay (6 pcs)S$10.80
Signature LaksaS$7.90
Stir-fried LaksaS$7.90
Tom Yam Fried Kway TiaoS$8.80

Premium Bentos Set

Premium Bento Set BundleS$60.00
Signature “Chicken” Rice Premium Bento Set AS$13.90
Blue Pea Flower Sambal Petai Nasi Lemak Premium Bento Set BS$13.90


Truffle Hakka AbacusS$10.80
Shredded Yam & Purple Sweet Potatoes with Honey Lemon DressingS$10.80
Black & White Fungus Cold MixS$8.80
Local RojakS$7.90
Wakame Salad with Wafu DressingS$7.80
Sichuan Peppercorns EdamameS$6.80


Veggie Shark’s Fin SoupS$18.00
Hot & Spicy Tofu Thick SoupS$16.80
Bamboo Pith with Shredded Cucumber Thick SoupS$16.80
Chinese Spinach & Tofu Thick SoupS$16.80
Miso Shiru Seaweed SoupS$16.80
Double-boiled Cordyceps Flower with Huai Shan SoupS$8.80
Double-boiled Premium Mixed Mushroom SoupS$8.80
Daily Soup Of The DaS$6.80

Handcrafted Dim Sum

Truffle Mixed Mushroom Dumplings (3 pcs)S$4.80
Mala Crystal Dumplings (3 pcs)S$4.80
Wild Mushroom Crystal Dumplings (3 pcs)S$4.80
Veggie Shrimp Dumplings (3 pcs)S$4.80
Veggie Siew Mai Dumplings (3 pcs)S$4.20
Veggie Abalone Dumplings (3 pcs)S$4.20
Mixed Soy-meat Dumplings (3 pcs)S$4.20
Veggie BBQ Soya-meat Buns (3 pcs)S$4.20
Steamed Beancurd Rolls (3 pcs)S$3.80
Lotus Paste Longevity Bun (3 pcs)S$3.80
Snow Flaked Pan-Fried Lion’s Mane Mushroom Dumplings (6 pcs)S$9.80
Pan Fried Pumpkin w Shredded Taro (4 pcs)S$5.80
Deep Fried Glutinous Rice Beancurd Roll (4 pcs)S$5.80
Veggie Scallop Yam Fritters (3 pcs)S$5.80
Signature Carrot Cake (4 pcs)S$4.80
Signature Taro Mee Sua Cake (4 pcs)S$4.80
Crispy Red Bean with Banana Wafer (3 pcs)S$4.80
Crispy Veg Prawn Dumplings (3 pcs)S$4.80
Pan Fried Veg King Oyster Bun (3 pcs)S$4.20
Fried Soy Milk with Fresh Corn Kernel (3 pcs)S$3.80

Veg Seafood Series

Braised Veggie Fish Treasure PotS$18.00
Spicy Grilled Veg Cod Fish in HotplateS$16.80
Deep-Fried Veggie Fish with Sweet & Sour SauceS$16.80
Deep-Fried Veggie Fish with Crispy Sweet RadishS$16.80
Signature Deep-Fried Veggie Fish with Thai Chili SauceS$16.80
Cereal Veggie PrawnsS$14.80
Buttered Veggie PrawnsS$14.80
Crispy Fried Veggie PrawnsS$14.80
Steam Veg Cod Fish w Tree Seeds & Grated GingerS$12.80

Tofu Series

Mixed Mushroom Dices in Tofu BoxS$16.80
Veg Shark‘s Fin TofuS$14.80
Tofu with Homemade Spicy XO SauceS$14.80
Ma Po TofuS$10.80
Chilled Silken Tofu with Okra in Toon SauceS$8.80

Veg Soya Meat Series

Crispy Summer Wrap with Passion Fruit Infused TurnipS$29.90
Veggie Mutton Curry in ClaypotS$14.80
Crispy Soya Nugget with Basil LeavesS$12.80
Sweet & Sour Soya MeatS$12.80
Shredded Soya Meat with Ice-berg in Chili OilS$12.80

Mushroom Series

Kung Pao Lion‘s Mane Mushroom in Yam RingS$23.80
Black Pepper Lion’s Mane MushroomS$18.80
Claypot Mushroom with Basil LeavesS$16.80
Sesame-Oil Lion‘s Mane Mushroom in Hot PotS$16.80
Buttered Abalone MushroomS$13.80
Sweet & Sour Abalone MushroomS$12.80
Crispy Enoki MushroomS$12.80


Ma La Xiang GuoS$23.80
Stir-fried Fresh Button Mushroom with AsparagusS$18.80
Peranakan-style Sambal Petai with TempehS$16.80
Herbal Lion’s Mane Mushroom w SpinachS$13.80
Braised Karela in ClaypotS$12.80
Luo Han Zhai with Glass Vermicelli in ClaypotS$12.80
Stir Fry French Beans with Sweet TurnipS$8.80
Buttered Potatoes with Soya CrispsS$8.80
Fresh Vegetables of Your ChoiceS$8.80

Noodles & Rice

Truffle Mixed Mushroom Fried RiceS$12.80
Olive Fried RiceS$8.80
Red Quinoa Fried Rice with Toon LeavesS$10.80
Braised Hong Kong Ee-Fu NoodlesS$7.80
Fried Vermicelli with Shredded VeggiesS$7.80
Hong Kong Fried NoodlesS$7.80
Taiwan Mee-suaS$7.80
Taiwan Noodles in Thick SoupS$7.80
Crispy Hor Fun with Assorted VegetablesS$8.80
White Rice (For 1)S$1.00
Brown Rice (For 1)S$1.50

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.