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Best Food on Meatsmith Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Meatsmith restaurant are Fried Buffalo Hot Wings, Lamb Meatballs, Sweet Masala Pork Ribs, Butter Chicken Chop, Meatsmith Cheeseburger, Pastrami Beef Sandwich, Confit Baby Eggplant, and BBQ Corn Masala.

Meatsmith Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Meatsmith with a price list has ten categories: Sets, Starters, Smoked Meats, Burgers & Wraps, Sides, Desserts, Beers & Ciders, Cocktails, Wines, and Non-Alcoholic Beverages.


Menu ItemsPrices
Set for 2 – AS$75.00
Set for 2 – BS$97.00
Set for 2 – CS$77.00
Premium Set for 2 – AS$99.00
Premium Set for 2 – BS$176.00
Family Pack for 4 – AS$105.00
Family Pack for 4 – BS$143.00
Premium Sandwich Set For 4S$127.00
Feed The PackS$429.00


Brisket SpringrollsS$17.00
Meatsmith Sausage (1 pc)S$12.00
Fried Buffalo Hot Wings (4 pcs)S$15.00
Crispy Pork MadrasS$14.00
Tandoori Stuffed WingsS$20.00
Masala Grilled Paneer & Pimento ChutneyS$11.00
Lamb MeatballsS$17.00
Crispy Prata with Beef Con CarneS$18.00

Smoked Meats

Jerk Chicken ChopS$21.00
Spiced Pork Ribs (4 pcs)S$39.00
200g Beef BrisketS$43.00
Sweet Masala Pork RibsS$39.00
Spice Crusted Lamb Chop (300g)S$42.00
Suckling Pig BiryaniS$61.00
Beef Short Rib VindalooS$83.00
Smoked CauliflowerS$26.00
Butter Chicken ChopS$24.00

Burgers & Wraps

Meatsmith CheeseburgerS$20.00
Nashville Fried Chicken SandwichS$19.00
Pulled Pork SandwichS$19.00
Brisket SandwichS$22.00
Bacon Double CheeseburgerS$24.00
Pastrami Beef SandwichS$23.00
Kids Single CheeseburgerS$9.00


Bombay NaanS$7.00
Confit Baby EggplantS$13.00
Crinkle Cut FriesS$13.00
Gunpowder Baby PotatoS$12.00
Crab and Tobiko BiryaniS$15.00
BBQ Corn MasalaS$9.00
Meatsmith SlawS$10.00
Kale, Persian Feta SaladS$17.00


S’mores TartS$17.00
Lemoncurd CheesecakeS$15.00

Beers & Ciders

Peroni Lager (330ml)S$8.00
La Chouette Apple Cider (330ml)S$11.00
Fucking Hell LagerS$11.00
Royal Jamaican Ginger BeerS$11.00
Northcoast ‘Old No. 38’ Stout (355ml)S$11.00
St. Bernardus Wit (330ml)S$11.00
Sweetwater IPA (335ml)S$11.00


Burnt Ends Old Fashioned (300ml)S$66.00
Burnt Ends Negroni (300ml)S$44.00


Juniper Estate Crossing Chardonnay 2019S$50.00
Catena Zapata ‘Vista Flores’ Malbec 2018S$66.00
South by Southwest Chardonnay 2020S$88.00
Chateau Favray ‘Pouilly Fume’ Sauvignon Blanc 2020S$66.00
The Lost Plot Rose 2019S$77.00
Villa Wolf Pinot Noir 2020S$50.00
Petersons Shiraz 2019S$66.00

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Choice of Non-Alcoholic BeverageFrom S$3.00
Acqua Panna Still Water (750ml)S$7.00
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water (750ml)S$7.00
Ribena Less Sweet (200ml)S$6.00