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Best Food on Mr Biryani Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Mr Biryani restaurant are Chinese Chilli Paneer, Kampong Chicken Masala, Cheese Garlic Naan, Paneer Butter Masala, Hyderabad Mutton Dhum Biryani, and Goan Fish Curry.

Mr Biryani Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Mr Biryani with a price list has twelve categories: Vegetarian Starter, Non-Vegetarian Starter, Tandoor & Curry, Paneer & Vegetable Dishes, Signature Biryani, Biryani, Eggs, Desserts, Coffee & Tea, Lassi, Soft Beverages, and Beverages.

Vegetarian Starter

Menu ItemsPrices
Paneer TikkaS$16.90
Plain CurdS$3.10
Onion SaladS$3.10
Gobi ManchurianS$12.90
Crispy Gobi 65S$12.90
Andhra Chilli PaneerS$14.90
Chinese Chilli PaneerS$14.90

Non-Vegetarian Starter

Andhra Chilli ChickenS$14.90
Crispy Chicken 65S$14.90
Half Tandoori ChickenS$15.94
Chicken TikkaS$15.94
Fried Andhra MuttonS$18.90
Apollo FishS$15.90
Chinese Chilli FishS$15.90
Fish TikkaS$18.90
Tandoori PrawnsS$20.22
Fried Andhra PrawnsS$20.90
Goan Fish CurryS$14.90
Fish MasalaS$14.90
Butter Chicken MasalaS$14.90
Chicken MasalaS$14.90
Gongura ChickenS$14.90
Mutton Kofta CurryS$14.90
Fried Nattu KodiS$16.90
Kampong Chicken MasalaS$16.90
Mutton MasalaS$16.90
Mutton KurmaS$16.90
Gongura MuttonS$16.90
Prawn MasalaS$20.90
Gongura PrawnS$18.90
Lamb Shank MasalaS$20.90

Tandoor & Curry

Plain NaanS$3.90
Garlic NaanS$4.90
Butter NaanS$4.90
Cheese NaanS$6.90
Cheese Garlic NaanS$6.90
Kashmiri NaanS$6.90
Tandoori RotiS$3.90
Dal TadkaS$8.90
Chana MasalaS$8.90

Paneer & Vegetable Dishes

Bhindi MasalaS$11.90
Vegetable KurmaS$9.90
Kadai VegetableS$9.90
Brinjal PachadiS$9.90
Brinjal MasalaS$9.90
Bhindi Palli FryS$11.90
Palak PaneerS$14.90
Kadai PaneerS$14.90
Paneer Butter MasalaS$14.90
Gongura PaneerS$14.90

Signature Biryani

Hyderabad Chicken Dhum BiryaniS$13.90
Hyderabad Mutton Dhum BiryaniS$16.90


Kampong Chicken BiryaniS$16.90
Vegetable BiryaniS$12.90
Paneer BiryaniS$14.90
Keema Mutton BiryaniS$15.90
Boneless Chicken Masala BiryaniS$15.90
Boneless Mutton Masala BiryaniS$16.90
Plain Dhum BiryaniS$7.00
Brinjal Dhum BiryaniS$12.90
Lamb Shank BiryaniS$26.90
Mutton Kofta BiryaniS$14.90
Boneless Fish BiryaniS$14.90
Prawn BiryaniS$18.90


Egg OmeletteS$5.24
Scrambled EggS$5.24


Homemade Coconut CandyFrom S$2.03
Gulab JamunS$6.31
Black Lentil PasteS$5.24

Coffee & Tea

Black CoffeeFrom S$3.21
CappuccinoFrom S$3.21
Iced Lime TeaS$4.17


Plain Sweet LassiS$4.90
Plain Salted LassiS$4.82
Mango LassiS$5.90
Butter MilkS$4.90

Soft Beverages

Fresh Lime SodaS$5.24
Italian SodaS$6.31



Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.