Mrs Pho Menu

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Best Food on Mrs Pho Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Mrs Pho restaurant are Sliced Beef Noodle Soup, Fresh Spring Roll, Mrs Pho Dried Noodle, Vietnamese Fried Rice, Mamma’s Pork Belly, Special Beef Combination, and Love You Long Time Lala.

Mrs Pho Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Mrs Pho with a price list has eight categories: Shells, Classics, Bites, Shares, Greens, Extras, Beverages, and Beer.


Menu ItemsPrices
Love You Long Time LalaS$16.00
Mrs Pho CocklesS$16.00


Sliced Beef Noodle SoupS$13.00
Special Beef CombinationS$15.00
Chicken Noodle SoupS$13.00
Spicy Bun BoS$14.00
Crab NoodlesS$14.00
Lemongrass Bun BoS$14.00
Mrs Pho Dried NoodleS$14.00


Beef Lemongrass StickS$7.50
Betel BeefS$7.00
Mrs Pho Spring RollsS$6
Fresh Spring RollS$6.50
Lucky Meat BallsS$6.00
Hanoi RollsS$8.50


Mamma’s Pork BellyS$17.00
Con Heo ChopS$14.50
Chicken ChopS$14.50
Mrs Pho OmeletteS$14.50
Mien Xao CuaS$17.00


Angel BeanS$14.50
Viet Kang KongS$14.00
Ya Ya PapayaS$12.00
Vietnamese Fried RiceS$12.50
Vietnamese NoodleS$12.50


Creme CaramelS$5.00


Homemade Saigon Salty LemonadeS$6.00
Homemade Iced LemonadeS$6.00
Mrs Pho Summer Iced TeaS$6.00
Lemongrass TeaS$6.00
Avocado SmoothieS$8.00
Coconut SmoothieS$8.00
Fresh CoconutS$7.00
Vietnamese Coffee WhiteS$6.00
Vietnamese Coffee BlackS$6.00
Coke ZeroS$3.50
Mineral WateS$3.50


Saigon BeerS$9.50