NamNam Menu

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Best Food on NamNam Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from NamNam restaurant are Pho Australian Beef Combination, Pho Kampong Chicken, BM NamNam Signature Thit Nguoi, Crispy Vegetarian Imperial Rolls, and BM Caramelised 5-Spice Pork Belly.

NamNam Menu with Prices

The complete menu of NamNam with a price list has nine categories: Sets, Pho, Specialty Noodles, Banh Mi, Small Plates, Desserts, Beverages, Viet Tea and Coffee, and Retail Items.


Menu ItemsPrices
Combo MealS$35.90
Buddy MealS$48.90
Banh Mi SetS$15.90
Pho Set MealS$28.90


Pho Kampong ChickenS$16.90
Pho Vegetarian, Brown Rice NoodleS$15.90
Pho Australian Beef Slices and Beef BallsS$16.90
Dry Pho-Gia Lai style, Australian Beef Slices, Beef Balls, Tendons, Minced PorkS$17.90
Pho Australian Beef CombinationS$16.90
Pho Truffle Chilled Austige Wagyu Premium, MB 6/7 (Served Medium Rare)S$35.90

Specialty Noodles

Pork Two Way Vermicelli, Mekong Prawn RollS$17.90
Lemongrass-Chilli Shaking Chicken Vermicelli, Shrimp on SugarcaneS$16.90
Grilled smoky sweet and savory pork skewers, vermicelliS$17.90
Dry Spicy Minced Pork, Onsen Egg, Fresh Yellow NoodleS$16.90
Dry Mousetail Noodle, Fish Balls, Fish Cakes, PorkS$17.90
Spicy Hue Noodle, Australian Beef, PorkS$16.90

Banh Mi

BM Chicken Hot dog, Kimchi, Mustard, Ketchup, CorianderS$14.50
BM NamNam Signature Thit NguoiS$12.50
BM Chilli-Lemongrass Chicken, Fried Egg, Chicken FlossS$12.50
BM Sauteed Lemongrass Pork, Cream CheeseS$12.50
BM Lemongrass Tofu, Fried Egg, Braised MushroomsS$12.50
BM Caramelised 5-Spice Pork BellyS$14.50

Small Plates

Pomelo Salad, Prawns, Chicken, Assorted Crackers (Contains peanut)S$ 14.90
Grilled smoky sweet and savory pork skewer, fresh lettuce & herbsS$ 15.50
Crispy Vegetarian Imperial RollsS$ 9.90
Crispy Imperial RollsS$ 10.90
Spicy Caramelised Chicken Wings with French FriesS$ 10.90
Crispy Chicken Bites, Sriracha MayonnaiseS$ 9.90
Fresh Southern Rolls, Prawn, Pork, Peanut SauceS$ 10.90
Sugarcane Shrimp, Fresh Lettuce & HerbsS$ 15.50


Crispy Fried Banana, Coconut sauceS$8.00
Chilled Dried Longan, Lotus Seeds, Water Chestnut, SeaweedS$8.50
Coconut Milk Ice Blended, Exotic FruitsS$9.00
Banana, Cassava and Tapioca Pearls Dessert, PeanutS$7.50
Warm Coconut Milk Dessert, Sweet Potato, Cassava, Water Chestnut and Ginkgo Nut, PeanutS$7.50
Mung Bean and Tapioca Pearls DessertS$7.50


Coke ZeroS$4.00
Avocado ShakeS$8.50
Strawberry Mint CoolerS$8.50
333 BeerS$10.90
Lime SparklingS$8.50
Lemongrass-Ginger Iced TeaS$8.50
Honey Calamansi Iced TeaS$8.50
Alkaline WateS$3.50

Viet Tea and Coffee

Viet Black Coffee (Hot)S$6.90
Viet Coffee with Condensed Milk (Hot)S$6.90
Viet coffee with Condensed Milk (Iced)S$6.90
Lotus Tea (Iced)S$6.50
Lotus Tea (Hot)S$7.00
Viet Black Coffee (Iced)S$6.90

Retail Items

Pho Chili SauceS$10.90
Hoisin SauceS$10.90
Pho Vietnam (Brown Rice Noodle)S$6.50
Pho Vietnam (Rice Noodle)S$6.50
Viet Café Filter (Phin)S$9.00
Annam Roasted Coffee PowderS$17.90
Annam Lotus Tea Leaves (150g)S$15.90
Fish SauceS$9.50

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.