Pagi Sore Menu

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Best Food on Pagi Sore Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from the Pagi Sore restaurant are Kepak Bakar Bali, Kepala Ikan Asam, Udang Sambal Pedas, Cumi Goreng, Angus Rendang Sapi, Ayam Goreng Java, Kacang Panjang Belachan, Buncis Belachan, and Sambal Belachan.

Pagi Sore Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Pagi Sore with a price list has eight categories: Seat Meal, Platter, Seafood, Meat / Poultry, Vegetable, Rice / Starter, Beverage, and Retail.

Seat Meal

Menu ItemsPrices
Family Feast IFrom S$155.00
Family Feast IIFrom S$295.00
Family Combo I (Families with Children)From S$90.00
Family Combo II (Signatures)From S$90.00
Family Combo III (Signatures 2)From S$90.00
Family Combo IV (Non-Spicy)S$90.00


Kepak Bakar Bali (8 pcs)S$18.00
Kepak Bakar Bali (1kg)S$38.80
Kepak Ayam Gulai (1kg)S$38.80


Ikan Otah KukusS$28.90
Ikan Bakar BaliS$28.90
Ikan Goreng BaladoS$28.90
Kepala Ikan AsamS$29.90
Ikan Asam PedasS$22.50
Ikan Goreng Balado (Meat)S$20.50
Chilli Udang Karang (Slipper Lobster)S$36.80
Udang Mentega (Butter Prawns)S$27.80
Udang AsamS$27.80
Udang Sambal PedasS$27.80
Petai Udang Sambal PedasS$28.80
Udang BelachanS$27.80
Petai Udang BelachanS$28.80
Sotong MentegaS$27.80
Cumi GorengS$24.00
Sotong Sambal PedasS$24.00

Meat / Poultry

Ayam Panggang BaliFrom S$9.90
Angus Rendang SapiS$15.80
Sop BuntutS$15.50
Ayam GulaiS$7.90
Ayam Goreng JavaS$12.90
Kepak PasgedelS$8.90
Kambing GulaiS$15.80


Tahu TelorS$13.20
Kangkong BelachanFrom S$10.90
Kangkong Tau ChioFrom S$10.90
Kacang Panjang BelachanFrom S$9.90
Bendi BelachanFrom S$9.90
Terung Tau ChioFrom S$9.90
Sayur CombinasiS$11.90
Sayur LodehS$10.90
Buncis BelachanS$14.20
Kacang PelangiS$14.20
Kailan JamurS$16.50
Indo PecelS$8.90

Rice / Starter

Nasi Pagi SoreS$2.20
Sambal BelachanS$0.30
Emping BelinjoS$2.60
Butterflypea Jasmine RiceS$1.20


Chendol in a BotolS$5.80
Pulut Taro in your MulutS$6.80
Dragonfruit – The Naga SagaS$6.80
Fresh SoursopS$5.00
Cold BeveragesFrom S$3.20


Sambal Belachan (180g/Bottle)From S$9.25
Emping Belinjo (Nt Weight 200g)S$15.00