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Best Food on Paulaner Bräuhaus Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Paulaner Bräuhaus restaurant are Paulaner Bräuhaus Platter, Bavarian Bread Basket, Butcher’s Salad Bowl, Beer & Beef Goulash, Grilled Nürnberger, and NoChicken Nuggets.

Paulaner Bräuhaus Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Paulaner Bräuhaus with a price list has twelve categories: Paulaner@HOME, Sharing Platters, Pretzels and Breads, Starters & Soups, Classics, Sausages, Schnitzels, Vegetarian, Sides, Desserts, Bottled Beers, and Other Beverages.


Menu ItemsPrices
Weisswurst Box (pre-cooked)S$99.00
Sausage Feast BoxS$99.00
Pork Tenderloin Box – for Pork-LoversS$149.00
Sunday Roast Box – for Pork-LoversS$249.00

Sharing Platters

Brotzeit PlatterS$55.00
Large Paulaner Bräuhaus PlatterS$128.00
Small Paulaner Brauhaus PlatterS$78.00

Pretzels and Breads

Fresh Oven Baked PretzelS$5.00
Bavarian Bread BasketS$12.00
“Obazda” with PretzelS$14.00

Starters & Soups

Roast Pork CarpaccioS$23.00
Sausage Salad Munich StyleS$18.00
Roast BeefS$23.00
Brauhaus Goulash SoupS$15.00
Mushroom SoupS$13.00
Trio Munich SpreadsS$18.00
Paula’s Salad BowlS$17.00
Caesars Salad BowlS$19.00
“Backhendl” SaladS$22.00
Butcher’s Salad BowlS$22.00
Fish SaladS$22.00
Chicken WrapS$25.00
Salmon WrapS$25.00
French FriesS$14.00
Potato WedgesS$14.00


Bavarian “Schweinshax’n”S$42.00
Beer & Beef GoulashS$35.00
Baked Salmon FiletS$36.00
Bavarian SauerbratenS$41.00
Paulaner Pork TenderloinS$38.00


Grilled NürnbergerS$24.00
German CurrywurstS$24.00
Paulaner Signature Sausage PanS$29.00
Spicy Chicken SausageS$22.00
Pork Cheese “Knacker”S$24.00


Pork SchnitzelS$30.00
Chicken SchnitzelS$30.00


NoChicken WrapS$30.00
NoChicken NuggetsS$25.00
Spinach DumplingS$23.00
Grilled MaultaschenS$27.00


Bread DumplingS$8.00
Homemade Potato Cucumber SaladS$8.00
Side SaladS$8.00
Roasted PotatoesS$8.00
Mashed PotatoesS$8.00
Potato DumplingS$8.00
Mixed VegetablesS$10.00


Apple StrudelS$17.00

Bottled Beers

6 Bottles UrtypS$39.00
6 Bottles LagerS$39.00
6 Bottles DunkelS$39.00
6 Bottles WeissbierS$39.00
20 Bots UrtypS$118.00
20 Bottles LagerS$118.00
20 Bottles DunkelS$118.00
20 Bottles WeissbierS$118.00

Other Beverages

Gerolsteiner Apple SpritzerS$6.00
Aqua Panna Still Water 0.5LS$5.00
Aqua Panna Still Water 0.75LS$6.00
Gerolsteiner Sparkling Water 0.5LS$5.00
Gerolsteiner Sparkling Water 0.75LS$6.00
Bitter Lemon CanS$5.00
Ginger Ale CanS$5.00
Fanta Orange CanS$5.00
Soda Water CanS$5.00
Tonic Water CanS$5.00
Redbull CanS$5.00

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.