Penang Place Menu

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Best Food on Penang Place Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Penang Place restaurant are Chung Ling inspired Scrambled Eggs, Premium Sambal Belacan, Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee, Gulai Assam Ikan Rice Set, and Nyonya Curry Prawns.

Penang Place Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Penang Place with a price list has ten categories: Family Bundles, Chef’s Specials, Signature Condiments, Penang Favourites, Rice Bentos/Prata Meals, Sides, Kid’s Meal, Desserts, Add-Ons, and Drinks.

Family Bundles

Menu ItemsPrices
Fundle BundleS$100.00

Chef’s Specials

Penang Char Kway Teow w/ Fresh Crab in Chung Ling EggsFrom S$20.90
Chung Ling inspired Scrambled EggsFrom S$4.50
Char Kway Teow w/ Chung Ling Scrambled EggsFrom S$15.90

Signature Condiments

Customizable Signature Gift SetFrom S$8.90
Nyonya AcarS$11.90
Nasi Lemak SambalS$11.90
Premium Sambal BelacanS$13.90
Premium Hae Bee HiamS$14.90

Penang Favourites

Penang Char Kway Teow w/ Big PrawnsFrom S$17.90
Penang Char Kway TeowFrom S$13.90
Assam LaksaS$13.50
Penang Hokkien Mee w/ Big Prawns (soup based)S$16.50
Penang Hokkien Mee SoupS$13.90
Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee w/ Big PrawnsS$16.90
Singapore Fried Hokkien MeeS$13.90
Penang Style Mee GorengFrom S$13.90
Vegetarian Mee GorengFrom S$13.90
Vegetarian Penang Char Kway TeowFrom S$13.90

Rice Bentos/Prata Meals

Fried Rice Set (non-spicy)S$13.50
Sambal Fried Rice SetS$14.50
Salted Fish Fried Rice SetS$14.50
Fried Rice & Salted Egg Fried Chicken SetS$14.90
Nasi Lemak w/ Prawn of the Day & Fried Chicken SetS$15.90
Nasi Lemak w/ Chicken Cutlet SetS$15.50
Nasi Lemak w/ Fried Fish SetS$15.50
Beef Rendang Rice SetFrom S$17.90
Beef Curry Rice SetS$16.90
Beef Curry w/ PrataS$18.90
Chicken Curry Rice SetS$15.50
Chicken Curry w/ PrataS$17.50
Gulai Assam Ikan Rice SetS$16.50


Chicken CurryS$17.90
Beef RendangS$19.50
Beef CurryS$19.50
Assam Prawns (7 pcs)S$18.90
Nyonya Curry Prawns (7 pcs)S$18.90
Gulai Assam Ikan (Stingray)S$19.50
Chicken Satay (6 pcs)S$14.90
Penang Fruits RojakS$10.90
Jiu Hu Eng ChaiS$15.50
Fried Prawn Paste Chicken (6 pcs)S$14.90
Salted Egg Fried ChickenS$17.90
Choon Piah (2 rolls)S$8.90
Kueh Pie Tee (6 pcs)S$11.90
Extra Kueh Pie Tee ShellsS$0.50
Vegetables of the DayS$13.50

Kid’s Meal

Nuggets & FriesS$9.90
Fish & ChipsS$10.90
Chicken Cutlet w/ FriesS$10.90


Hot Dessert of the DayS$5.90
Assorted Kueh Kueh (12 pcs)S$9.90


Nasi Lemak RiceS$2.50
White RiceS$1.50


Home-made BarleyS$3.90
Iced Passionfruit TeaS$3.50
Iced Green TeaS$3.50
Root BeerS$3.50
Coke LightS$3.50
Cranberry JuiceS$3.90
Apple JuiceS$3.90

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Penang Place Halal?

No, Penang Place is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What type of food is Penang Place?

The main cuisine served at Penang Place outlets is Malaysian.

What are the Penang Place menu prices?

The price range of Penang Place items varies between S$1.50 to S$100.00.

Does Penang Place offer delivery services?

Penang Place offers food delivery through and