Pu3 Restaurant Menu

  • Halal
  • 3 Categories
  • 16 items
  • 5/5

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Best Food on Pu3 Restaurant Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Pu3 Restaurant are Dulang Ambeng Royal, Nasi Sambal Goreng, Tahu Telor, Sop Bakso, and Fresh Ulam.

Pu3 Restaurant Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Pu3 Restaurant with a price list has three categories: Platters (Dulang), Solo (Single) Sets, and Sides.

Platters (Dulang)

Menu ItemsPrices
Dulang Ambeng Royal (4 Pax)S$65.00
Dulang Ambeng Basic (4 Pax)S$55.00
Dulang Ambeng Royal (2 Pax)S$39.00
Dulang Ambeng Basic (2 Pax)S$32.00

Solo (Single) Sets

Ambeng Ayam-Solo (1 Pax)S$11.00
Ambeng Daging-Solo (1 Pax)S$10.80
Ambeng Sotong-Solo (1 Pax)S$10.80
Nasi Sambal Goreng (1 Pax)S$9.80
Nasi Rawan (1 Pax)S$9.80


Tahu TelorS$8.80
Sop EkorS$8.50
Sop BaksoS$6.50
Bergedil (2 per piece)S$2.20
Fresh UlamS$5.00