Red Eye Smokehouse Menu

  • Barbecue
  • 8 Categories
  • 51 items
  • 5/5

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Best Food on Red Eye Smokehouse Menu

The most popular food items from Red Eye Smokehouse restaurant are Signature USDA Beef Brisket, Iberico Pulled Pork, Duroc Pork Ribs, mashed potatoes, Dirty Rice, and Pulled Pork & Sausage Burger.

QQ Rice Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Red Eye Smokehouse with a price list has eight categories: Sharing Feasts & Bundles, Burgers, BBQ Meat Cuts, For The Table, On The Side, Sauces, Beverages, and Beers.

Sharing Feasts & Bundles

Menu ItemsPrices
Pitmaster FeastS$295.00
Holiday Iberico FeastS$245.00
Feast for 4S$125.00


The B.M.CS$24.00
Pulled Pork & Sausage BurgerS$23.00

BBQ Meat Cuts

USDA Beef Short RibFrom S$85.00
Signature USDA Beef BrisketS$35.00
Duroc Pork RibsS$34.00
Iberico Pulled PorkS$24.00
Iberico Pork BellyS$25.00
Half ChickenS$18.00

For The Table

Macho NachosFrom S$10.00
BBQ PoutineS$12.00
Crispy Mother CluckersS$9.00
Buffalo WingsS$8.00
Housemade SausageS$9.00
German Bratwurst SausageS$9.00

On The Side

Mashed PotatoesFrom S$5.00
Sweet Potato FriesFrom S$5.00
Corn Bread With Honey ButterFrom S$5.00
Roasted GreensFrom S$5.00
Burnt End BeansFrom S$5.00
ColeslawFrom S$5.00
Dirty RiceFrom S$5.00
Brioche ‘Mop’ BunsS$1.50


Habanero Hot Sauce with MangoS$16.00
Smokey Chipotle BBQ SauceS$0.50
Sweet & Tangy BBQ SauceS$0.50
Chipotle AioliS$0.50
Sweet Carolina MustardS$0.50
Ranch SauceS$0.50
Extra Hot Habanero SauceS$1.00


Iced TeaS$5.00
Pink LemonadeS$5.00
Tropical Fruit CoolerS$6.00
Guava Fruit CoolerS$6.00
Tamarind Fruit CoolerS$6.00
Reeds Ginger AleS$6.00
Virgil’s Butterscotch BeerS$6.00
Virgil’s Root BeerS$6.00
Coke LightS$4.00
Sparkling WaterS$5.00
Still WaterS$5.00


Fucking HellS$12.00
North Coast Steller IPAS$14.00
Stone IPAS$12.00
Heretic Juicier Than ThouS$16.00
Black Butte PorterS$14.00
Wheat BeerS$14.00