Senor Taco Chijmes Menu

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Best Food on Senor Taco Chijmes Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Senor Taco Chijmes restaurant are Nachos Grande Vegetarian, Pulled Pork Cochinita Taco, Pork Al- pastor Quesadilla, Creamy Green Chicken Enchilada, and Tequila Pecan Pie.

Senor Taco Chijmes Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Senor Taco Chijmes with a price list has nine categories: Starter, Tacos, Quesadilla Grande, Mains, Fajitas, Desserts, Beverage, Sides, and Good for 4-6 pax.


Menu ItemsPrices
Guacamole and Corn tortillia chips (Vegetarina)S$12.00
Chips and Salsa (Vegetarian)S$10.00
Salad BowlFrom S$21.00
Cactus SaladS$20.00
Seafood TostadaS$21.00
Buffalo popcorn chickenS$18.00
Jalapeno Popper (Vegetarian)S$18.00
Mexican Sweet & spicy pork ribsS$20.00
Street Corn (Vegetarian)S$16.00
Nachos Grande BeefS$28.00
Nachos Grande VegetarianS$26.00


Pork Al- PastorFrom S$9.00
Chicken Al- PastorFrom S$9.00
Pulled Pork CochinitaFrom S$9.00
Pork CarnitasFrom S$9.00
Baja ShrimpFrom S$9.00
Baja Fish TacoFrom S$9.00
Grilled FishFrom S$10.00
Shrimp DiablaFrom S$10.00
Grilled Cheese TacoFrom S$8.00
Char Grilled ChickenFrom S$9.00
Crunchy Wagyu BeefFrom S$11.00
Beef TacoFrom S$11.00

Quesadilla Grande

Beef QuesadillaS$30.00
Pork Al- pastor QuesadillaS$26.00
Veggie QuesadillaS$26.00
Grilled Chicken QuesadillaS$26.00
Carnitas QuesadillaS$26.00
Kids Meal Chicken and Cheese QuesadillaS$15.00


Senor Taco ChimichangaS$29.00
Creamy Green Chicken EnchiladaS$29.00
Creamy Green Vegetarian EnchiladaS$28.00
Burrito BowlFrom S$26.00
Pork Belly in Pipian Verde SauceS$32.00
Gordita (vegetarian)S$26.00


Classic FajitasFrom S$48.00


Tequila Pecan PieS$14.00
Carrot CakeS$14.00
Whole Tequila Pecan PieS$54.00


Boing Mexican Natural juiceFrom S$6.00
Jarrito Mexican SodaFrom S$6.00
Mexican Coca ColaS$6.00
Lime MargaritaFrom S$10.00
SangriaFrom S$10.00
Grape fruit MargaritaFrom S$10.00
Pacifico Clara Beer BtlFrom S$9.90
Tecate Beer BtlFrom S$9.90
Dos Equiz Lager BeerFrom S$9.90
Victoria Beer BtlFrom S$9.90
Negra ModeloFrom S$9.90
Indio Beer BtlFrom S$9.90
Corona BtlS$8.00
Corona Pack of 6S$26.80
Budweiser (2.5L)S$55.00


Mexican Rice (200g)S$5.00
Refried Beans (100g)S$4.00
Sour CreamS$3.00
Pickled JalapenoS$3.00
Guacamole (100g)S$5.00
Pico De allo (100g)S$4.00
Salsa Roja (50g)S$3.00
Corn Chips 150gS$7.00
Corn Tortillas (4 pcs)S$2.00
6″ Flour Tortilas (4 pcs)S$3.00
Habanero Sauce (30g)S$5.00
Chipotle Mayo Sauce (30g)S$3.00

Good for 4-6 pax

Al Pastor, Salsas, Lime, Tortillas, ToppingsFrom S$95.20
Carnitas, Salsa, Pickled Red Onions, Pico De Gallo, TortillasS$95.20
Barbacoa, Salsas, Lime, Corn Tortillas, Chopped Onion and CilantroS$127.20

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.