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Best Food on Seorae Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Seorae restaurant are Bulgogi Pork Collar Executive Set, BBQ Grilled: Black Pork Samgyeobsal, Bulgogi Dakgalbi (chicken) Deopbab, Chadol Doenjang Jjigae, and Chilled: Yangnyeom Mokksal.

Seorae Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Seorae Korean Charcoal BBQ with a price list has eight categories: Bundle Deals, Executive Sets, BBQ Char-Grilled Meat, Rice Bowls, Classic Favourites, Chilled (raw) Meat, Drinks, and Add Ons.

Bundle Deals

Menu ItemsPrices
Value Set (for 2)S$58.00
Pork Sharing SetS$99.00
Pork Premium SetS$118.00
Beef Premium SetS$128.00

Executive Sets (Bentos)

Soy Chicken Executive SetFrom S$17.90
Spicy Chicken Executive SetFrom S$17.90
Kimchi Pork Collar Executive SetFrom S$18.90
Bulgogi Pork Collar Executive SetFrom S$18.90
Beef Belly Executive SetFrom S$19.90

BBQ Char-Grilled Meat

BBQ Grilled: Galmaegisal (250g)From S$27.90
BBQ Grilled: Yangnyeom Mokksal (200g)S$21.90
BBQ Grilled: Pabulgogi (200g)S$21.90
BBQ Grilled: Hanjeongsal (200g)S$25.90
BBQ Grilled: Black Pork Samgyeobsal (200g)From S$26.90
BBQ Grilled: Woosamgyeob (200g)From S$29.90
BBQ Grilled: LA Galbi (200g)S$32.90
BBQ Grilled: Gwangyang Bulgogi (150g)S$31.90
BBQ Grilled: Dakgalbi (250g)From S$19.90
BBQ Grilled: Kkochi Skewers PlatterFrom S$24.90

Rice Bowls

Spicy Dakgalbi (chicken) DeopbabS$15.90
Bulgogi Dakgalbi (chicken) DeopbabS$15.90
Pabulgogi (pork collar) DeopbabS$17.90

Classic Favourites

Haemul PajeonS$19.90
Kimchi JeonS$19.90
BibimbabFrom S$15.90
DosirakFrom S$14.90
JapchaeFrom S$16.90
Sundubu JjigaeS$16.90
Chadol Doenjang Jjigae (non-spicy)S$16.90
Chadol Doenjang Jjigae (spicy)S$16.90
Kimchi JjigaeS$16.90
Ttukbaegi Bulgogi JjigaeS$17.90

Chilled (raw) Meat

Chilled: Galmaegisal (250g)From S$27.90
Chilled: Yangnyeom Mokksal (200g)S$21.90
Chilled: Pabulgogi (200g)S$21.90
Chilled: Hanjeongsal (200g)S$25.90
Chilled: Black Pork Samgyeobsal (200g)From S$26.90
Chilled: Woosamgyeob (200g)From S$29.90
Chilled: LA Galbi (200g)S$32.90
Chilled: Gwangyang Bulgogi (150g)S$31.90
Chilled: Dakgalbi (250g)From S$19.90
Chilled: Kkochi PlatterFrom S$24.90


Chamisul SojuS$20.90
Jinro Green Grape SojuS$20.90
Jinro Grapefruit SojuS$20.90
Jinro Peach SojuS$20.90
Jinro Is Back SojuS$21.90
CASS BeerS$15.90
Terra BeerS$7.90

Add Ons

Kimchi ManduS$7.90
Fried KimariS$7.90
Steamed RiceS$3.00
Kimchi (500g)S$7.90

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Seorae Halal?

No, Seorae is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What type of food is Seorae?

The main cuisine served at Seorae outlets is Korean.

What are the Seorae menu prices?

The price range of Seorae items varies between S$3.00 to S$128.00.

Does Seorae offer delivery services?

Seorae offers food delivery through,, and GrabFood.