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Best Food on Shake Farm Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from Shake Farm restaurant are Breakfast Blend Shake, Clean Cleanse Shake, Jammy’s Keto Hazelnut Brownie, Better-For-You XL Burger, Sundried Tomato Pesto Zoodles, and Loaded Sweet Potato Fries.

Shake Farm Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Shake Farm with a price list has twenty five categories: Breakfast Shakes, Detox Diet Shakes, Nature’s Remedies, Protein Shakes, Jammy’s Sugar-Free Bakes, Build Your Own Amazebowl, Build – Your – Own – Bangin’ – Bowl, Build Your Own Better-For-You Burger, Better-For-You Burgers, Brunch Menu, Super Sides, Protein Bowls, Scrumptious Salads, Pita Pockets, Super Toasts, Overnight Oats Bowls, Amazing Acai Bowls, Jammy’s Keto Brownie Bowls, Cheat Day Mylkshakes, Coffee Shakes, BIG SHOT Coffee, Detoxing Organic Tea Remedies, Fruit-Infused Detox Waters, Drinks & Refreshers, and Cutlery Set.

Breakfast Shakes

Menu ItemsPrices
Morning MenderS$8.00
Sunrise ShakeS$8.00
Breakfast BlendS$8.00
Early EnergiserS$8.00

Detox Diet Shakes

Summer SlimmerS$8.00
Deep DetoxS$8.00
Clean CleanseS$8.00
Fat FighterS$8.00

Nature’s Remedies

Antioxidant AffairS$8.00
Body BoostS$8.00
Stress LessS$8.00
Hangover HealerS$10.00

Protein Shakes

Clean CutS$9.00
Power PumpS$9.00
Muscle MaxS$11.00
Super StrengthS$11.00

Jammy’s Sugar-Free Bakes

Jammy’s Keto BrownieS$6.90
Jammy’s Keto Walnut BrownieS$6.90
Keto Peanut Butter BlondieS$7.90
Jammy’s Keto Hazelnut BrownieS$7.90

Build Your Own Amazebowl

Build Your Own Amazebowl – AS$10.90
Build Your Own Amazebowl – BS$13.90
Build Your Own Amazebowl – CS$15.90

Build – Your – Own – Bangin’ – Bowl

Feelin’ PeckishS$13.90
Pretty HungryS$17.90

Build Your Own Better-For-You Burger

Better-For-You BurgerS$18.90
Better-For-You XL BurgerS$26.90
Better-For-You Burger ComboS$28.90

Better-For-You Burgers

Classic BombasticS$18.90
Macho MexicanS$18.90
Keto KingS$22.90
No MisteakS$23.90
Sexy FishS$21.90
Captain PossibleS$23.90
Proper ImpossibleS$26.90

Brunch Menu

Scrambled SupremeS$19.00
Sundried Tomato Pesto ZoodlesS$20.00
Beetroot Hummus & Avo ToastS$17.00
Quinoa Breakfast BowlS$18.00

Super Sides

Baked Sweet Potato FriesS$8.00
Loaded Sweet Potato FriesS$13.00
Bangin’ Baked BeansS$8.00
Spicy Corn CupS$8.00
Spicy Slaw SaladS$8.00

Protein Bowls

Beef BrosS$16.90
All Day BrunchS$16.90

Scrumptious Salads

The Super SaladS$14.90
Mighty MexicanS$14.90
Perfect PestoS$14.90
Green GoodnessS$16.90

Pita Pockets

Let’s Go PestoS$10.90

Super Toasts

Eggs & AvocadoS$8.90
Go GreekS$8.90
Banana NutterS$8.90

Overnight Oats Bowls

Peanut PowerS$9.90
Totally TropicalS$9.90
Coco CrunchS$9.90
Apple CrumbleS$9.90

Amazing Acai Bowls

The Super BowlS$12.90
Mighty MangoS$12.90
Awesome AvocadoS$12.90
Tropical BlissS$15.90
Absolute NutterS$15.90
Rainbow GlowS$15.90

Jammy’s Keto Brownie Bowls

Mochalicious Brownie BowlS$15.90
All Or Nuttin’ Brownie BowlS$15.90
PBJ Brownie BowlS$15.90

Cheat Day Mylkshakes

Keto Double ChocS$12.00
Seriously SnickersS$10.00

Coffee Shakes

Awesome AcaiS$10.00
Wakey WakeyS$10.00
Coco CoconutS$10.00
Mocha MuscleS$12.00


Flat WhiteS$5.00
Piccolo LatteS$5.00
Cinnamon Coconut LatteS$6.00
Golden MilkS$6.00

Detoxing Organic Tea Remedies

English Breakfast TeaS$5.00
Licorice MintS$5.00
Positive EnergyS$5.00
Vanilla SpiceS$5.00
Throat ComfortS$5.00
Lemon GingerS$5.00

Fruit-Infused Detox Waters

Apple DeciderS$8.50
Skinny MintS$8.50
Berry LovelyS$8.50
Fruit FixS$8.50
Sassy WaterS$8.50
Water WatermelonS$8.50
Blueberry RoseS$8.50

Drinks & Refreshers

100% Pure Coconut WaterS$4.50
Lion BreweryS$14.00
James White Premium Organic Juices (bottled)S$8.00
Remedy Bottled DrinksS$8.00

Cutlery Set

Shake Farm Eco-Friendly Cutlery & Napkin SetS$0.50
Shake Farm Reusable Bamboo Cutlery SetS$18.90

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Shake Farm Halal?

No, Shake Farm is not a halal-certified restaurant.

What type of food is Shake Farm?

The main food served at Shake Farm outlets is Health food.

What are the Shake Farm menu prices?

The price range of Shake Farm items varies between S$3.00 to S$28.90.

Does Shake Farm offer delivery services?

Shake Farm offers food delivery through