Shake Shake In a Tub Menu

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Best Food on Shake Shake In a Tub Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from the Shake Shake In a Tub restaurant are Popcorn Chicken Combo, Shake Shake Chicken, Curly Fries, and Chicken Combo.

Shake Shake In a Tub Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Shake Shake In a Tub with a price list has four categories: Value Combos, Shake Shake Chicken (Ala Carte), Sides, and Drinks.

Value Combos

Menu ItemsPrices
Shake Shake Chicken 4 pcs ComboS$14.70
Shake Shake Chicken 8 pcs ComboS$22.20
Shake Shake Chicken 12 pcs ComboS$28.70
Popcorn Chicken ComboS$17.10

Shake Shake Chicken (Ala Carte)

Shake Shake Chicken (4 pcs)S$8.90
Shake Shake Chicken (8 pcs)S$15.40
Shake Shake Chicken (12 pcs)S$22.40


Shoestring Fries (Giant)S$13.30
Curly Fries (Giant)S$14.70
Popcorn Chicken (Medium)S$10.70
Popcorn Chicken (Huge)S$14.40
Popcorn Chicken (Giant)S$18.70
Onion RingS$12.40


Mug RootbeerS$2
Ice Lemon TeaS$2
San Benetto Mineral Water (400 ml)S$2.50