SHU Vegetarian Menu

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Best Food on SHU Vegetarian Singapore Menu

The most popular food items from the SHU Vegetarian restaurant are Claypot Beancurd, Mala Hotpot, Crispy Creamy Abalone Mushroom, Loh Han Chye, Sweet & Sour Meat, and Monkey-Head Mushroom with Broccoli

Glasshouse Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Glasshouse coffee shop with a price list has eighteen categories: New Dishes, SHU Vegetarian Signatures, MALA, Ala Carte, Veg Fish / Seafood, Veg Meat, Beancurd, Omelette, Vegetables, Soups, Rice Set, Rice, Noodles, Ramen Ramen, Dim Sum, Appetizer, Others, and Beverages.

New Dishes

Menu ItemsPrices
Crispy Prawn wtih Wasabi MayonnaiseS$14
Country EggplantS$13
Steam Omn! Meat w Salted Fish & ChestnutS$12
Wok Grilled Port Sauce Omni Meat Crispy Noodle with Beans MushroomS$15
Signature CuttleFish KangkongS$11

SHU Vegetarian Signatures

Chong Qing Grilled FishS$21.00
Yam BasketFrom S$16
Crispy Golden Veg MeatFrom S$16
Chili Crab Meat BunFrom S$16
Asam FishFrom S$16
Hot Plate Sambal FishFrom S$14
Crispy Creamy Abalone MushroomFrom S$12
Homemade Spring RollS$12.00
Crispy Cereal PrawnFrom S$11
Claypot Preserved Vegetarian MeatFrom S$12
Sweet & Sour MeatFrom S$10
Mixed Beancurd/Mushroom with BasilFrom S$10
Black Fungus BeancurdFrom S$10
3 Yolks with Chinese SpinachFrom S$12
Dry Fried French BeansFrom S$10
Indian RojakS$9.00
Fried Mee SuaFrom S$7
Olive Fried RiceFrom S$6


Mala HotpotS$15

Ala Carte

Yam BasketFrom S$16
Crispy Golden Veg MeatFrom S$16
Chili Crab Meat BunFrom S$16
Ginger Monkey Head MushroomFrom S$13
Chili Monkey Head MushroomFrom S$13
Crispy Creamy Abalone MushroomFrom S$12
Cereal Abalone MushroomFrom S$12
Sweet & Sour Abalone MushroomFrom S$12

Veg Fish / Seafood

Asam FishFrom S$16
Hot Plate Sambal FishFrom S$14
Hot Plate Sambal PrawnFrom S$14
Hot Plate Sambal SquidFrom S$14
Claypot Curry Fish HeadFrom S$14
Hotplate BBQ FishFrom S$14
Seafood with Monkey Head MushroomS$13.00
Braised Sea CucumberFrom S$13
Hong Kong Style FishFrom S$13
Salted Egg PrawnFrom S$12
BBQ FishFrom S$12
Crispy Cereal PrawnFrom S$11
Salad PrawnFrom S$11
Beans Sauce Fish with Bitter GourdsFrom S$11
Sweet & Spicy Shiitake MushroomFrom S$11

Veg Meat

Claypot Vinegar Vegetarian MeatFrom S$12
Stew Chicken with Fresh MushroomFrom S$12
Sweet & Sour MeatFrom S$10
Ginger Veg Chicken PiecesFrom S$10
Dried Curry Chicken PiecesFrom S$10
Chili Chicken PiecesFrom S$10


Seafood BeancurdFrom S$11
Mixed Beancurd/Mushroom with BasilFrom S$10
Crispy Cereal BeancurdFrom S$10
Hot Plate Beancurd (Spicy)From S$10
Claypot BeancurdFrom S$9
Black Fungus BeancurdFrom S$10
’Ma Po‘ BeancurdFrom S$9
Black Sauce BeancurdFrom S$9


Shark Fin OmeletteFrom S$11
Dried Radish OmeletteFrom S$7
Bitter Gourd OmeletteFrom S$7
OmeletteFrom S$7
Minced Meat OmeletteFrom S$7


Monkey-Head Mushroom with BroccoliFrom S$15
Monkey-Head Mushroom with SpinachFrom S$15
Abalone Slices with BroccoliFrom S$15
Abalone Slices with SpinachFrom S$15
Sea Cucumber with BroccoliFrom S$13
Sea Cucumber with SpinachFrom S$13
Mushroom with BroccoliFrom S$13
Mushroom with SpinachFrom S$13
Sambal PetaiFrom S$12
3 Yolks with Chinese SpinachFrom S$12
Spinach in StockFrom S$10
Sweet Lotus RootFrom S$10
Dry Fried French BeansFrom S$10
Claypot Curry Mixed VegeFrom S$11
Claypot Egg PlantFrom S$10
Egg Plant with Preserved VegeFrom S$1
Sweet Potato Leaves (Sambal)From S$9
Sweet Potato Leaves (Stir-Fry)From S$9
Stir-Fry Baby KaiLanFrom S$9
Sambal Kang-KongFrom S$9
Emperor Shoots (Sambal)From S$9
Emperor Shoots (Stir-Fry)From S$9
Stir-Fry Bean SproutsFrom S$9
Loh Han Chye (Mixed Vege)From S$9


Sharks FinFrom S$13
Vegetarian Fish SoupFrom S$11
Tom Yam SoupFrom S$7
Mix Veg SoupFrom S$6
Seaweed with Beancurd SoupFrom S$6

Rice Set

Curry Fish / Chicken RiceFrom S$6.50
Chili Chicken Pieces RiceS$6.50
Sweet & Sour Meat RiceS$6.50
Ginger Veg Chicken Pieces RiceS$6.50
Preserved Vege Meat RiceS$6.
Mixed Vegetables RiceS$6


Sambal Petai Fried RiceFrom S$7.50
Pineapple Fried RiceFrom S$7.00
Sambal Fried RiceFrom S$6.50
Olive Fried RiceFrom S$6
Singapore Style Fried RiceFrom S$6


Fried Mee SuaFrom S$7.00
Claypot E-MeeS$6.50
Tom Yam Yellow Noodle/ Kuey Diao/Bee Hoon SoupFrom S$7.50
Kampung Style Curry Yellow NoodleS$6.50
Hor-FanFrom S$6
Mee GorengFrom S$6
Hokkien NoodleFrom S$6
Sliced Fish Bee Hoon Soup / Fish PorridgeFrom S$5.80
Hui FanS$5.50

Ramen Ramen

Dan Dan Ramen (Spicy)S$6.50
Shark Fin RamenS$13
Soup Of The Day RamenS$8
Tom Yam Ramen SoupS$8.50
Curry RamenS$6.50
Mushroom Ramen (Soup/Dry)S$6.50
Sliced Fish Ramen (Soup/Dry)S$6
Preserved Vege Ramen (Soup/Dry)S$6

Dim Sum

Fried Dumplings (5 pcs)S$5.50
Bean paste (2 pcs)S$5


Roti JohnS$5.50
Roti Prata (2 pcs)S$3
French FriesS$4
Homemade Spring RollS$12
Carrot CakeS$5.50
Indian RojakS$9


Steamed RiceS$1.20


Homemade Drink (Water Chestnut)From S$1.80
Mas Lime w PruneFrom S$2.50
Ice Bandung Rose Dew MilkS$2.20
Ice Lemon Aiyu JellyS$3.20
Grass JellyFrom S$2
Grass Jelly w LonganS$2.50
Honey LemonFrom S$3.20
Peach with RainbowFrom S$3.70
Canned DrinkFrom S$1.70
Kang Shi FuFrom S$2.70
Soda Popping BobaFrom S$3.80
Ice MiloS$2.20