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The most popular food items from Subway restaurant are

Subway Menu with Prices

The complete menu of Subway with a price list has eight categories: Combo Bundle, New Flavors, Breakfast, Sandwiches, Wraps, Flatbread, Salads, and Drinks & Sides.

Black Pepper Series

Menu ItemsPrices
Black Pepper SteakFrom S$ 8.93
Black Pepper Steak Cookie MealFrom S$10.12
Black Pepper Steak Nuggets MealFrom S$11.82
Black Pepper Steak Waffle Cut Fries MealFrom S$10.96

Cheesy Garlic Series

Cheesy Garlic ChickenFrom S$8.07
Cheesy Garlic SupremeFrom S$10.12
Cheesy Garlic SteakFrom S$10.12

Catering Box

Subway FavouritesS$32.30
2 pax Festive BundleS$20.82
4 pax Festive BundleS$39.52
Cheesy Garlic Catering BoxS$36.13


Egg Mayo SubFrom S$6.46
Chicken Ham SubFrom S$6.71
Tuna SubFrom S$6.63
Turkey SubFrom S$7.14
Veggie Delite SubFrom S$5.87
Roasted Chicken SubFrom S$7.65
Chicken Teriyaki SubFrom S$7.65
Beef Meatball Marinara Melt SubFrom S$7.73
Spicy Italian SubFrom S$8.24
Italian B.M.T. SubFrom S$7.99
Subway Club SubFrom S$8.33
Subway Melt SubFrom S$8.58
Veggie Patty SubFrom S$8.33
Chunky Beef Steak & Cheese SubFrom S$8.93
Roast Beef SubFrom S$9.09
Veggie Deluxe SubFrom S$6.88
Bulgogi Chicken SubFrom S$7.91
Breaded Chicken Cutlet SubFrom S$8.50
Cold Cut Trio SubFrom S$6.97


Egg Mayo WrapFrom S$7.14
Chicken Ham WrapFrom S$7.39
Tuna WrapFrom S$7.31
Turkey WrapFrom S$7.82
Veggie Delite WrapFrom S$6.54
Roasted Chicken WrapFrom S$8.33
Chicken Teriyaki WrapFrom S$8.33
Beef Meatball Marinara Melt WrapFrom S$8.42
Spicy Italian WrapFrom S$10.50
Italian B.M.T. WrapFrom S$10.20
Subway Club WrapFrom S$10.60
Subway Melt WrapFrom S$10.90
Veggie Patty WrapFrom S$10.60
Chicken Bacon WrapFrom S$10.80
Chunky Beef Steak & Cheese WrapFrom S$11.30
Roast Beef WrapFrom S$11.50
Veggie Deluxe WrapFrom S$8.90
Bulgogi Chicken WrapFrom S$10.10
Breaded Chicken Cutlet WrapFrom S$10.80
Cold Cut Trio WrapFrom S$9.00


Egg Mayo FlatbreadFrom S$8.40
Chicken Ham FlatbreadFrom S$8.70
Tuna FlatbreadFrom S$8.60
Turkey FlatbreadFrom S$9.20
Veggie Delite FlatbreadFrom S$7.70
Roasted Chicken FlatbreadFrom S$9.80
Chicken Teriyaki FlatbreadFrom S$9.80
Beef Meatball Marinara Melt FlatbreadFrom S$9.90
Spicy Italian FlatbreadFrom S$10.50
Italian B.M.T. FlatbreadFrom S$10.20
Subway Club FlatbreadFrom S$10.60
Subway Melt FlatbreadFrom S$10.90
Veggie Patty FlatbreadFrom S$10.60
Chicken Bacon FlatbreadFrom S$10.80
Chunky Beef Steak & Cheese FlatbreadFrom S$11.30
Roast Beef FlatbreadFrom S$11.50
Veggie Deluxe FlatbreadFrom S$8.90
Bulgogi Chicken FlatbreadFrom S$10.10
Breaded Chicken Cutlet FlatbreadFrom S$10.80
Cold Cut Trio FlatbreadFrom S$9.00


Egg Mayo SaladFrom S$9.80
Chicken Ham SaladFrom S$10.10
Tuna SaladFrom S$10.00
Turkey SaladFrom S$10.60
Veggie Delite SaladFrom S$9.10
Roasted Chicken SaladFrom S$11.20
Chicken Teriyaki SaladFrom S$11.20
Beef Meatball Marinara Melt SaladFrom S$11.30
Spicy Italian SaladFrom S$11.90
Italian B.M.T. SaladFrom S$11.60
Subway Club SaladFrom S$12.00
Subway Melt SaladFrom S$12.30
Veggie Patty SaladFrom S$12.00
Chicken Bacon SaladFrom S$12.20
Chunky Beef Steak & Cheese SaladFrom S$12.70
Roast Beef SaladFrom S$12.90
Veggie Deluxe SaladFrom S$10.30
Bulgogi Chicken SaladFrom S$11.50
Breaded Chicken Cutlet SaladFrom S$12.20
Cold Cut Trio SaladFrom S$10.40

Drinks and Sides

Egg Mayo & Cheese ToastieS$6.00
Mushroom & Cheese ToastieS$6.00
Chicken Ham & Cheese ToastieS$6.00
Mac and CheeseS$4.70
Beef Meatball BowlS$4.70
Rustic Tomato soupS$4.70
Cookie (3 pcs)S$5.40
Cookie (6 pcs)S$8.40
Ruffles ChipsS$2.50
Lays BBQ ChipsS$2.50
Lays Classic ChipsS$2.50
Lays Sour Cream & OnionS$2.50
Americano (black Ccoffee)S$3.10
Hot TeaFrom S$3.10
Hot LatteS$4.10
Hot CappuccinoS$4.10
Hot MochaS$4.10
Hot ChocolateS$4.10
Bottled Vitamin Water (XXX)S$4.00
Bottled Vitamin Water (restore)S$4.00
Bottled Minute Maid Orange JuiceS$3.20
Bottled Coca-Cola Zero Sugar (500ml)S$3.40
Bottled Coca-Cola (500ml)S$3.40

Disclaimer: Menu and price information may vary from location to location.


Is Subway Halal?

Yes, Subway is a Halal Certified Restaurant.

What type of food is Subway?

The main food served at Subway is Fast food.

What are the Subway menu prices?

The price range of Subway items is from S$1.70 to S$25.40.

Does Subway offer delivery?

Subway offers food delivery through, GrabFood, and